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Opinions please

anti!imac010anti!imac010 Member Posts: 80

So, there are alot of ups and downs about this game. Some people talking about the server merge, some people talking about Ep. 2.2 and up comming new stuff, bugs, fixes, patches, CCR,Code Masters etc.

So what is eveyones thought about this and Manily about the server merge and Ep. 2.2.? Good? Bad?

I Just thought it would be interesting to hear out what eveyone has to say so far... 


  • vNemesisvNemesis Member Posts: 4
    Its is going to be very interesting to see what happens after the merge. People would have to adopt to the new population (for some it might take longer than others). Wars and PvP should become more "massive" hopefully. Hopefully the merge happens in first few months of 2007 and the Ep. 2 to follow shortly....

  • anti!imac010anti!imac010 Member Posts: 80

    So is anyone looking foward to Ep. 2.2? image

  • vNemesisvNemesis Member Posts: 4
    I am looking forward to The Episode 2 whatever it brings with it. Hopefully the game will have a new beginning (comming from the Earth server...)

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