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When it says Q1 2007 what does it mean?



  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606

    Originally posted by ammie

    Its not a funtion of math, But when it said q1, I Did not know what it MEANT.  I did not know Q meant Quarter.  Like I dont know what TTFN means =P
    Tah Tah For Now i believe from Winnie the Pooh if im not mistaken


  • TharcideTharcide Member Posts: 97
    Yeah, it's from Tigger.

    I think it would be easier to differentiate between who is speaking when the text is in different colors or bolded.
    No offense.


  • SomnulusSomnulus Member Posts: 354

    Originally posted by Zuba
    im thinking mid summer, end of q2, ive been thinking summer ever since i found out how far the game has to go, and generous release dates, fixed the bugs etc. i dont think tcos are intending to to release the game too early, thier thinking about the gamers.

    I'm not sure that TCoS has a choice on the release date; from reading the release announcement, it appeared to me (unless I read it incorrectly) that the publishers were saying that it would be released Q1 2007.

    To me, that means the investors have reached their saturation point with capital outlay and no return and are dictating a Q1 2007 release.

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