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.:POLL:. Do You Think E&B Should Be Brought Back?

af666af666 Member Posts: 11


.:A Witty Saying Proves Nothing:.

.:A Witty Saying Proves Nothing:.



  • KlydeKlyde Member UncommonPosts: 38

    It's a nice thought...

    But the company that owns it is in the habit of ruining any worthwhile game they produce.

    EA sucks!

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  • af666af666 Member Posts: 11

    i know eh

    challenge everything...ya ok EA


    .:A Witty Saying Proves Nothing:.

    .:A Witty Saying Proves Nothing:.

  • roublesroubles Member Posts: 30

    I played to lvl 50 and the game ibecame  just too boring, so I quit. I then re-joined recently (because they gave me 100,000 credits and 2 skill points)...yea-hoo...they took my money...only to have them take it away...lmFao   image   Just last night I uninstalled the F'ing game. That answer your question for ya!!!


    BUTT - HEADS  image

  • kunwhokunwho Member Posts: 1

    It was a good game last year but was limited in gameplay.

    I got bored after completing a Lv150 JD, JE, TT and a PW image

  • katkallkatkall Member UncommonPosts: 39
    This was a great game, with a great community it will be greatly missed by many.  Never will purchase another Electronics Arts game.
  • roublesroubles Member Posts: 30
    A  Fing MEN

  • JaqsJaqs Member Posts: 43

    EA challenge everyhitng hipacrits only thing thier challening how much they can get thier wallets to bulge.


  • jaybrennjaybrenn Member Posts: 2

    I dont think anyone is going to take it over cause for one reason whenI left the game it was 14% full on andramada and the others were 10%. So the player base is gone, no point in takeing it off EA (bastards) hands if no one is going to play it. I loved that game I canceled my accout 2 days after they announced E&B sunset it was just to depressing to play knowing it was going to end in 6 months. I know severel people who did the same. To tell you the truth as much as I loved that game I don't think I'd play again if someone brought it back.

    So I said good bye to my guild freinds, got some email addresses and left E&B for good. Now im just waiting impatiantly for WOW. Hopefully meet some old friends I made in E&B there and get on with my gamming life lol.

    And never buy another EA game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can't Wait for WOW

    Can't Wait for WOW

  • ThoemseThoemse Member UncommonPosts: 457

    I switched over to EVE a long time ago but i did enjoy my stay in Earth and Beyond.
    It's a very well made MMORPG you can have a lot of fun with.
    It's totally unbelievable for me they stoped it.
    It has that low subscriber numbers now or is it typical EA: We squezze out as much cash as we can then drop it.

    What bugs me: Who are all those stupid shitheads who buy EA's crap games?
    I for myself wont buy any EA title EVER.
    They killed Origin! GOD!!!!

  • RaunuRaunu Member UncommonPosts: 480
    It really is a shame that they are cancleing this game after only 2 years. EA is going to lose lots of customers because of this crap. I know I'll never buy an EA game again. Especially a MMO game. Atleast leave the servers up and running with a small team to bring patches out.

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  • KlydeKlyde Member UncommonPosts: 38

    Well I imagine that after they have moved all the Devs to UO, and shutdown the E&B servers, those will prolly be recycled for UO. As was stated in the shutdown notice, they're moving resources to UO, and shutting down E&B to work on future products. My guess is the servers will be wiped and have UO installed on them.

    EA manages to kill all the good games by buying the competition and closing their projects. EA sucks.

  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    Agree with your general theme re:EA moving resources, etc, but UO is a better MMO than E&B was, probably because EA didn't write it.  (no insult intended to any E&B lovers out there!!!!)  UO also has about oh... 10 times the player base that E&B does.  250,000 users is a much larger paycheck than 30,000 or so.  That's probably what's driving their decision more than anything.

    Now that they're shifting resources to UO it'll be interesting to see how long it takes them to utterly destroy it.  It's not as good as it was before they nerfed PVP to nothing, that's for sure.  God knows what they'll do to it now...


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  • wizardpetewizardpete Member Posts: 28

    Although E&B might not have ever been as popular as UO has been, this is something that might have been completely different if the right marketing and support had been give to the game. The general consensus amongst the players is that little to no marketing and limited resources killed the game.

    The other thing is that EA first bring out a title (WW was already controlled by EA when they took the game online), creates a substantial an dedicated player base and then just drops them on the spot when they feel like it.

    Although from a business perspective it might be understandable (even though the game was making money it appears), it completely destroys EA's credibility with MMORPG players. In general that community will not touch an EA game anytime soon and will tell all people they meet to do the same.

    In my view they should have not closed the game, but transferred it to a company that will just host the game for the public, thus avoiding the bad rep they are now getting. From what I understand some candidates were available that would do that.

    On the other hand, that would mean that EA actually cared about the playerbase and community they created, which clearly does not appear the case. As  a result most players are now migrating to EVE (including myself and most of the guild I am in) or will wait til WoW comes out. Side note, all in my guild also have vowed to not touch an EA game anytime soon.image

    Really mad they are going to close the game down. Will be there right up til the end.image

  • huey89huey89 Member Posts: 75
    E&B 2.... ya that would probably bring me back... Especially if they fix the lag!image


  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    Originally posted by Klyde

    EA sucks!

    Do I need to say anymore?

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077


    Welcome to the club ;)  most of the MPBT Beta Testers all vowed to never touch another EA title after they cancelled MPBT 3025.  I haven't given EA a dime since the debacle with MPBT Beta being cancelled on us.  I did play a free trial of E&B and used a friend's account from time to time though.  Decent game, sorry to see it go.

    I suspect the E&B crowd is even more ticked off than we were since it was a 30k subscriber game that's obviously been making EA some serious cash.

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  • BeltrizBeltriz Member Posts: 3
    I was very excited when EnB came out. I ran out and bought the game to first day. I thought that EA would do a great job with the game. It took me two months before I grew bored with it. I just didn't see much depth in the game nor support to make it better. I am not surprised at all that it will be gone.

  • ShelkShelk Member UncommonPosts: 66

    Personally I'm surprized it lasted as long as it did.  I bought it like a sucker, even though I knew it was an EA game, and knowing all too well the fiasco EA brought to UO.  Played it for 12 days before I came to the unavoidable conclusion.....  This is the worst MMOG I have ever played......  I'm not even going to get into the reasons why because I've already wasted enough time on this POS game in the past.  Good riddance to F-ing bad rubbish.  MMORPG.COM please wipe this computer code sh*t smear of a game off the site forever.


  • GardarGardar Member Posts: 50

    why the hell are they closing Enb down ??



  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    Because they're EA
    They enjoy dissapointing their customers

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  • OaksteadOakstead Member Posts: 455

    This would be a good game for some small private company to take over and improve. Since launch EA never invested any of the subscriber money back into the game. No real expansions, etc. All that happened were changing quests to follow the story line.

    There is certainly a place for E&B in the MMOG world. Like others I really enjoyed it for a while until it got boring (around level 75 for me). The addition of new regions with player controlled settlement and consensual clan wars over strategic locations and it would be a good game.

  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    Yah it would have been VERY cool if they'd added a PVP expansion like they promised for so long too. Unfortunately all they ever did was that goony arena.

    The changes they DID make only made the game harder and harder for new players. NOOB areas with CL 50 ships / monsters "invading" them was just plain dumb.

    Ahh well.. EVE is almost as good for those who were really hooked. Better in some ways. Though I liked the quests in E&B A lot. Agent missions are basically the same as the job terminal in E&B. The quests/NPC Missions in E&B were very nice. If they'd had more of those I probably would have never stopped playing E&B.

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  • dazzethdazzeth Member Posts: 9
    I played EnB for something like 7-8 months before I got bored of it. There was so much they could have done with the game... but, after a few months it feelt like nothing new was happening. Would have been cool with player/clan own tradestations and settlements... clan wars and a fun, good way for you to play as pirate... and... well, nevermind. Game is soon dead now anyways...
  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Not just no, but 'HELL NO!'

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  • BronenekBronenek Member Posts: 240
    NO NO NO! EA are poo and EVE online is better anyway so stay away!


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