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Hero or Villain

AlientAlient Member Posts: 315

If CoH was a totally different game that allowed PvP, what would you choose to be?


  • scars87scars87 Member Posts: 234

    If there were Villains in CoH- I would get the game instead of WoW. But other then that- I am not going to get it because there is no PvP. I am a hard-core pvp person so CoH isnt for me.


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  • RamsieRamsie Member Posts: 51
    your hardcore pvp, yet you choose WoW?...

  • AlientAlient Member Posts: 315

    I see people choosing Villain. Is there any reason why? Because CoH isn't going to be a PvP, is this really turning people off?

  • ViridiaViridia Member Posts: 142

    I picked Hero on your poll, but basically I would have to make a villain as well just to try it, cos I always try every class in an MMORPG out of curiosity.

      Personally i really wish people would stop going on about making CoH PvP with heroes and villains, I mean it is based on comic books, can any of you wanna be villains name one bigname comic book out there where the villain wins (and it doesn't turn out to be 'just a dream' or 'oops the hero didn't really die.... it just looked that way .. kinda' oh and replaceable sidekicks dying doesn't count either e.g. all the robins from batman)

       Even if CoH was PvP i am not sure it would really appeal to the hardcore PvPer as there is no loot/equipment to steal, and you don't die you just get teleported to hospital.   I think that maybe if CoH takes off, someone may copy the idea and have a hero villain pvp kinda comicbook world game, but CoH isn't it.


  • maddog426maddog426 Member Posts: 4

    I think being a villian could be funner, if your gonna rp. Its fun to kick around some-goody-to-shoes hero.::::15::::::26::

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358
    I'd be a whiny helpless pedestrian on the street.


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  • AlientAlient Member Posts: 315

    If this poll is representative of the normal population, there would be way more villains than heros. Maybe this is why CoH didn't do it this way. I love PvP as much as the next guy, but I think there are certain times it wouldn't work, and this is one of them. Too many people want to be the bad guy. Maybe there should be a MMORPG with a GTA or Postal 2 theme where everyone can be a bad guy. Maybe a game called Crack Wars where everybody are drug dealers and thugs that have gang wars with other players to take over the other person's territory to sale drugs. I know this would get a lot flak from Christian groups and other people who think violence in games are bad. But, I think it could actually work.

  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    Come on, you know being the Good Guy is always "right" ;)

    Ill take being the Hero over Villain anyday.... I mean heros get all the ladys ;)

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


  • ThoemseThoemse Member UncommonPosts: 457

    If i'd could be a super-villian and if there would be PvP in CoH i'd buy it for sure.
    I am not used to play the bad boy but in the superhero world the villian would be the only role suitable to me. ::::40::

  • ViridiaViridia Member Posts: 142

    To be honest, I think it could work to have a game where there were more villain players than hero players, as long as you made it that there were heaps of villain factions that where KoS to each other,   then in-fighting would kinda keep the villain numbers down and allow balance.   Instead of just Good versus Bad which would end in a bloodbath and evil conquest of the city, lol  

    Not sure how they could do a villain expansion in CoH like everyone is talking about though,   I mean it is totally set up around heroes, would they make a new evil city next door or something?     And if so what would you call it?  Villainville?image

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