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DarkSpace: Game Added

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,621

We have just added another game to our "Game List" - DarkSpace.  This sci-fi game features incredibly detailed space combat in a MMO environment.  The game world is in 3D with high-quality sound effects and breathtaking space environments.  Players can own multiple ships and modify each ship extensively.

All sci-fi fans that were recently saddened by the closing of Earth & Beyond - you might give this game a try!

You can get a free trial at this link!

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- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • DrafellDrafell Member Posts: 588

    Some more information for anyone interested in playing this game. i myself have been playing for about 10 months now and have been solidly addicted to it since the day I found it.

    You can learn to build planets, supply the combat ships, ferry infantry to the front lines in preparation for the next assault. .
    Everyone plays a valuable role within the game whether you are new or a veteran player.

    Probably the game I would most liken it to would be Homeworld, in that you have massive fleet battles, but with one big difference. Each ship is piloted by an individual player. It sure gets hectic sometimes.

    Originally DarkSpace was supposed to be part of the BattleIsle series of games, but BlueByte, the publisher, decided that it didn't fit in to the overall theme of the BattleIsle series. So PaleStar decided to try and make the game work on its own. It been a long haul and they are eventually getting somewhere with the single programmer (and gameowner) and the development team.

    Please come and take a look. It may not have the biggest playerbase, but the community(IMO) is second to none.

    All new players get a 5 day free trial coupon, although generally I personally wouldn't recommend anyone redeeming this until they have gained some experience in the Newbie server. After that you can jump into the Metaverse.

    I hope to see some of you there.

    *edit* poor spelling hehe

  • DemorianDemorian Member Posts: 15

    Also check out my post in the Pub for more information...


    PS. To the management: The DarkSpace page says Monthly Fee: N/A... you lie ;)


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  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    I have been playing the game for a few years now, Its extremely addictive (In the good way) and I just can't seem to stop playing it...

    With constant updates, it brings more excitement to the game each time, I for one will play this game till the day I die...

    Team Work is a must, work together to capture planets for your Fleet/Faction ("Clan/Team")

    Their are tons of awesome Moderaters and Admins that are on constantly to make sure everything runs smoothly, and most of the player base is friendly so if you new, were more than willing to help out!

    See ya there


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  • DrafellDrafell Member Posts: 588

    Team work is definately a must if you want to expand your factions territory and actually achieve gains for the faction you choose to play. But it doesn't mean that there are no opportunities for people wanting a bit of solo play. The Metaverse server (the big universe one) caters for this quite adeptly. Things often overlooked by new players are the fact that planets need to be managed and resources distributed to the systems that need them. Building is a good way of relaxing at the end of a days work. You can do that or just tinker around in an engineering ship fixing minor problems and making sure your territory is going to be as nightmarish as possible for the enemy to attack and try to take over.

    I have to mention mining here as well. It's not essential for people to do it, but for some reason players have this fascination with making money, and other than salvaging parts from enemy ships you blow up it is a good way of earning money in relative safety (Until one of them pesky Kluth players uncloaks on top of you and blasts you into spacedust).

  • StarcrystalStarcrystal Member Posts: 11

    Yeah DS is awesome, been playing nearly 2 years, and the moment you pick it up, your guaranteed to lose 30 - 40 hours of sleep. 60 on summer break.

    And for you solo junkies out there, DS can be soloed, but its harder to accomplish anything, and its alot less fun. And for the EvE people, plenty of economics to make the head turn.

    But DS is a Team game, a little laggy, a little bugs. But its still a great game with a great graphics ( for only 37 MB!! ) that rival EvE, and alot of depth. Its a must try if your a Sci-Fi fan.





  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    If I may add, its got a great story behind it

    ^^^ The History...

    ^^^ Some more information about the factions (teams) on DarkSpace

    And they constantly like to add little things to it for fun :)

    They have some awesome pictures in there :)

    - AdmiralChaos

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


  • IgloomanIglooman Member Posts: 1

    Darkspace is a great game that allows you to customize the experience to your style of play. From teh sneaky Kuth and their bio-ships to the rebel ICC to the Imperial UGTO, you can find a faction that fits your gameplay. You can further customize your experience by modding your ship with a different equipment layout to make things really interesting. You must also capture and build planets to make sure you have the resources to spend on the bigger ships.

    The new patch, 1.481, has made even more gameplay improvements, like tech trees, better planet capture techniques, and ship capture. The vision that the developer is taking is inspiring, and Darkspace proves to be a gem. The community is welcoming and helpful, and are always willing to help get you started, and the rules of conduct help keep things clean and kind.

    Unfortunately, the new patch also brought an unwelcome friend. Lag. Palestar has/had a free one month of trial play so far with the release of the new patch to allow new users, and old players, to try it out again. But as a subscribed player, you still have to pay. The lag has made the game unenjoyable, and hence, unplayable. Before the patch, on a 56k modem, the game performed very well. Now it is a nightmare, and there has been no move on Palestar's part to take blame and offer the people paying for this mess some compensation for their mistake, just free time for all the people they hope to gain, but won't while ships jump and skip around like a bad B movie.

    So my advice - download the client. Play in the newbie forum to get some experience. THEN, after you have some experience under your belt, activate your 5 day free trial. Go play in the Metaverse (the really cool persistent universe spanning many star systems that you fight for control of) - the server you'll spend most of your time on. Make sure the game is playable for you BEFORE you spend your money to subscribe.

    I have every confidence that when Palestar solves this problem, the game will once again be the gem it was before, except much more beautiful and much more valuable. Until then, for the many users on both DSL and modem reporting this problem in the forums, it might as well be cheap colored plastic.

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