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Guild Wars: Launched!

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

The wait is over! The first major AAA free-to-play MMORPG has hit shelves and is online. Guild Wars passed along word this morning that it has gone live.


We are pleased to announce that Guild Wars has opened in North America and Europe. In the five years of development, we have seen the advent of a new company, the forging of a new international bond, and the launch of one of the most popular preorder programs of all time. Tonight, we invite you to come and experience Guild Wars for yourself.

The revolution is here.

As it is now live, we have promoted it to our "released" game list. Please, click over to the rating tab above and give us your review!

Here is the official press release:

Guild Wars Launches Simultaneously
in North America, Europe and Australia

Highly Anticipated Online Roleplaying Game on Retail Shelves Today

Bellevue, WASH., April 28, 2005—ArenaNet®, creators of the highly anticipated online roleplaying game Guild Wars®, and NCsoft® Corporation, the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, today announced that Guild Wars is available at retail in North America, Europe and Australia.

Guild Wars is the ultimate global online RPG, a transporting experience that transcends the boundaries of geography, technology and language. Play with anyone, anywhere, at any time and there’s no subscription fee required. Guild Wars immerses players in a colorful, robust and detailed online fantasy world where success is determined by player skill, not by the time spent playing.

“By bringing together the best elements of action, roleplaying and massively multiplayer games we have created a unique gameplay experience that appeals to casual and core players alike,” Mike O’Brien, ArenaNet co-founder said. “Players throughout Europe, North America and Australia will now be able to compete in the Guild Wars world together.”

Players must select eight of the more than 450 available skills to build competitive characters for each battle. Challenging gameplay forces players to use their heads and make good decisions in a brains-over-brawn battlefield. Dramatic guild challenges, tournament play and arena combat provide a unique game experience each time players log on.

Retailers across Europe and North America are anticipating impressive sales as Guild Wars enters the PC game marketplace. According to EB Games™, Guild Wars is one of the best-selling preorder PC games year-to-date in North America and European retailers are reporting equally impressive results.

More than 500,000 players participated in public preview events in the US and Europe. Those events culminated in an impressive showing at yesterday’s exclusive preview event, which granted players who preordered the game access to the Guild Wars world a full day before the official launch.

Guild Wars is now available at most major North American computer game retail outlets at an estimated retail price of US$49.99. No monthly subscription fee is required. A special Collector’s Edition featuring a hard-cover art book, Internet chat headset, Guild Wars soundtrack CD and other items will be available for an estimated retail price of US$79.99. An exclusive strategy guide is available for purchase at www.primagames.com. The game is rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

About ArenaNet

ArenaNet, located in Bellevue, Washington, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCsoft and was founded by some of the key members of the creative teams that developed the hit game series StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo as well as Battle.net. ArenaNet has built a state-of-the-art, interactive game network and is developing premier multiplayer online games for dedicated game players. More information about ArenaNet can be found at www.arena.net.

About NCsoft North America

NCsoft - North America (NC-NA) is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is part of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation. NC-NA, with development and administrative offices in Texas and California, launched two ground-breaking titles in the first half of 2004, Lineage® II and City of Heroes®. The company also works with NCsoft subsidiaries and third party developers throughout North America to develop and publish innovative online entertainment software products. More information about NCsoft – North America can be found at http://www.PlayNC.com.

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Dana Massey
Formerly of MMORPG.com
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • D0ZeRD0ZeR Member Posts: 489
    Fantastic game really enjoying it. image

    Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against.
    Bruce Lee

  • ltolmanltolman Member Posts: 55

    I played Beta version of this but was a little dis-satisfied; but that was back in November of 2004 I think.

    So tell me can you JUMP in the game? Weird as this may seem I wont buy the game if you cant jump up and down; some features that I have carried on with other online games I wanted in Guild Wars and at Nov Beta 2004 I wasnt getting any.

    So so far the only things I can think of that made me dislike the game are:

    1.) Jumping (couldnt do)

    2.) Falling off of small cliffs (like sliding)

    If I can think of more I'll post it.  And again if they put these features in, then I'll probably get the game, who knows lol

  • MondraconMondracon Member Posts: 5

    So far this game gets a thumbs up...its fun, fast-paced and no monthly fee! ::::28::

  • juranejurane Member Posts: 4
    congragulation guild wars on such and astonishing game and thank you for making it
  • exiled_childexiled_child Member UncommonPosts: 20

    guildwars is by far



    game ever!

  • 2xLiQuiD2xLiQuiD Member Posts: 3

    this game owns, the best of all, its fre ::::31::::::28::

    Playing: World of warcraft And Guildwars At the moment.
  • MurdocVDMurdocVD Member Posts: 17
    I agree this game rocks !!!
  • AutemOxAutemOx Member Posts: 1,704

    Play as your fav retro characters: cnd-online.net. My site: www.lysle.net. Blog: creatingaworld.blogspot.com.

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