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Thinking of playing Lineage 2



  • JukanJukan Member Posts: 328

    Thats a good choice, to give it a good chance.

    The bots in new player towns are actually good because that means they were just recently banned. If there were bots who were lvl 70 running around like there was in noob towns, then you can say L2 doesn't do anything, but to be honest...comming from a lvl 72 player who has been playing for 2 years (I am not hardcore I only play 8-10 a week usually, if even that, with momentary splurges) you just don't see bots like that at high level.

    Lvl 72+ bots are hard to find, or locate if they do exist. Also it only takes about a week or so for a farmer bot to get to lvl 50 and about a month or two to hit lvl 75. So basically what this means is every month or less NCsoft does get rid of those bots you see. Plus sometimes it is hard for NCsoft to actually prove these farmer botters are really using 3rd party programs because the pro farmers monitor their stuff if they are serious. I am not defending NCsoft because I myself also feel they could do better, and fix parts of the game itself that benifit using bots etc. etc. But I know that they do ban bots, and sometimes they even ban players that weren't botting but really thought they were, RIP Stabby...

    Anyway enough about that.

    Gear is tough! VERY TOUGH! To get. Most people try to get top gear right away and in turn don't make a market for mid and low grade gear making super hard to progress smoothly threw armor and weapon grades, because if you just buy some low D grade gear, it will be bloody hard to sell it on the market to upgrade to higher level gear. You pretty much have to crystalize low grade gear and craft shots or craft it into shots to sell it...it's weird but definately doable if your gear is too low for the average player.

    The grind does get tough. It is ok all the way until about 65 and then it starts to seem tough, but at that level there is a lot to keep you in the game and you can experience a lot of aspects of L2.

    It is hard to be a new player, and many times can be just down right lonely and boring. If you can get into a clans academy that actually has some new players or players that are rerolling, that will be a really good move. Then when you hit 40 maybe find another smaller clan, at least ppl that like to party and chat it up once and a while. When you get into your 60's it is about time to find a clan that will do more raid, seige, and larger scale things. And then if you feel by the time you hit lvl 70+ that your previous clan can't offer you what you wan't anymore you can join up with one of the server's super powers...and start owning castles and smoking the competition...if thats your thing.

    I am going to be honest, peoples experience in these games are so huge and varied that one person can have great luck, a good time, and be like this is the best game ever! Someone can have crappy luck, meet no one of importance, and just feel like this game offers nothing, and end up quitting.

    L2 is a game that by itself isn't anything great except for the graphics and the freedom of the world. The reasons why I stayed with L2. It is a game where you can pretty much do anything and shape the future of your server, maybe even end up being known by the community even after quitting...I know there are and were some people like this on my server.

    If you aren't having a good time in L2, it is something you are doing, or you just want to get more items faster and reach endgame faster, which will wear you out. There are tons of things to do in the game that people pass up to hit high level fast. Play the game how you want, is pretty much what I tell people. It is filled with endless possibilites.

    And yes, I am an L2 fanboi, if I wasn't I wouldn't have been playing it for about 2 years! But this is just my opinion, and others will vary greatly...

    But I will tell you, it isn't the game that keeps me playing, it is my friends that play the game with me...

    Lineage II - Played 4 years and quit.

    GW: Factions - Boring community, quit 4 months.

    Perfect World - Free and good enough to keep playing. I enjoy it so far.

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