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looking for help emergency!!!

wolftwowolftwo Member Posts: 21

 yesterday l restalled my computer system !after this l redownload the game client but l found l cant download it normally and it took me about 3 hours  a lot longer than before!  to the worse . l can only log on the character select interface cant enter the game and paly !

l am very worried and dont know what  to do !  please give me some advice !!  emergency thanks


  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581
    Very strange.  What happens when you try to log in do you get an error or does the game just appear to "freeze?"

    If it "freezes" it could be the game is just trying to download some more files.  Easy fix is to just let the game sit at the log in screen until the lighting bolt in the top right corner goes away or run gw.exe -image.

    Of course if you just reinstalled make sure you have the lastest drivers and directx install and that your firewall is setup to let gw access the internet.  As far as I remember the patcher and the game require seperate "yes" to let them use the net. 

    Are you getting any errors reported? 

  • IvanaIvana Member Posts: 17
    I haven't heard or read about that problem yet. The best place to ask technical questions and search for explanations is here: GW support

    Try to find solution. If Knowledge Base doesn't help, contact Technical Support Team.

    Probably you found out what the problem was and you are playing GW, cuz you don't ask for help any more ;)

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  • SuplyndmndSuplyndmnd Member Posts: 553
    If it's letting you on the Character Select screen it should let you in the game.  I think you should let it sit on the login screen or character select screen for a while as i dont think they add all the updates to the download and there are a LOT of updates to be had.  If this dosen't work.  Contact tech support.

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  • Ka7raKKa7raK Member Posts: 59
    The best advice anyone can give you (if you still have the problem) is to contact the official support e-mail. No point trying to solve it ad hoc. They are pretty helpful! image

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  • TamalanTamalan Member Posts: 1,117
    Check your firewall, make sure you have given permissions to all parts of GW that ask for it.
  • Ka7raKKa7raK Member Posts: 59

    Originally posted by Tamalan
    Check your firewall, make sure you have given permissions to all parts of GW that ask for it.

    Makes some sense but i didn't need to configure my firewall to accept the game. Still, you should try to give permission to every file the game executes to communicate with the internet.

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