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City of Heroes: Issue 8 Launch

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

NCsoft has announced that Issue 8: To Protect and Serve, is now live. As the name implies, this is the eighth expansion for the City of franchise. This time around, the changes and addition focus on, but are not limited to, the Heroes side of the game.


NCsoft’s City of Heroes expansion continues game’s growth with new mission styles

Issue 8: ‘To Protect and Serve’ puts heroes on alert with new Safeguard Missions, adds rewards for veteran heroes and villains

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2006 — NCsoft® and Cryptic Studios™ today released the eighth free expansion to City of Heroes®, adding new mission styles, new story content and a veteran rewards program to one of the most successful comic-book themed PC games ever.

Issue 8: “To Protect and Serve” delivers a host of new features starting out with a wide-variety of veteran rewards for players who have had a City of Heroes or City of Villains® account for three months or more. The rewards are given in increments of three months of active play, and include special powers, base items, badges and costume pieces such as wings. The veteran rewards program is retroactive by player account and rewards will be applicable to all characters within each respective account.

Building on the tradition of super-powered crime fighting, Issue 8 is introducing Safeguard Missions where heroes will be given a limited time to halt major crimes being committed by super-powered villains and their henchmen. Using the new police band contacts, heroes will be alerted to attacks on Paragon City™ business, resulting in high-intensity action as players battle to prevent heists and city destruction from occurring. These missions are similar to the City of Villains Mayhem Missions introduced in Issue 7, but with an even more frantic reactive tone to the action.

Issue 8 also features a revitalized Faultline neighborhood that has been transformed from a trial zone into a city zone. As a trial zone, Faultline was in ruins and overrun with zombies and evil sorcerers, but as the area is restored to order agents of Arachnos are attempting to infiltrate the area.

“Issue 8 continues to build on a great game, giving players new adventures, areas to explore and rewards for their loyalty,” said Matt Miller, Cryptic Studio’s lead designer for City of Heroes and City of Villains. “The action of the new Safeguard Missions is amazing and gives players a way to really feel heroic, which is one of the keys to why City of Heroes has been so successful.”

City of Heroes and City of Villains are available at retailers in North America and Europe as well as at the NCsoft online store at Both games include the first month of online game play, and after the first month, players will be charged a monthly subscription fee of US$14.99. Customers who purchase City of Heroes and City of Villains can play both games for the single subscription price of US$14.99.

For more information on City of Villains go to:, and for more information on City of Heroes go to:

For more on City of Heroes click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984
       After a good long while of testing Im happy to see this Issue out. Not sure I like the Safeguard missions. Alot of us on the test servers were none to impressed with the reactive nature of the SG mishes. People tended to want to have a more proactive approach to the missions instead of a reactive. By this I mean I think people wanted to attack enemy bases and gain time for destroying enemy enclaves. Instead were stuck babysitting a zone. Mind you that almost exactly what superman and spiderman did so I cant call it Unheroic. Instead just not a aspect I wanted to live out.

      As for the rest of the Issue 8 updates, WOW! Im impressed with how well they beefed up the mission UI. Its alot easier to see what your doing and its impact. Missions generally seem more balanced as well. Not sure how I feel about Faultline but its good in anycase. Wings wings everywhere. I swear my whole Supergroup made a angel, demon, evil batman or some crazy conceptive hero that flys with wings. Best Ive seen so far is a Iron Gargoyle. Simply stunning. Well back to the game. Lets hope Issue 9 is just as intrestingimage

  • VoidriderVoidrider Member Posts: 22

    I really like the Safeguard missions so far and the Police Radio missions are both convenient and a nice change to the standard missions, especially as a break from stock story-arc mission sets. The Safeguard missions are usually (relatively) short and sweet and players get a chance to fight at least one named costumed villain as opposed to a gangmember with powers.

    What I would love to see is a way to mesh CoV Mayhem missions with the Safeguard missions;  basically synching a villain's Mayhem and perhaps 'offering' it to the next appropriate level Hero and enabling a PvP confrontation (maybe with modified time or one win/loss for victory). This, I think, would spice up the game on both sides and add a new PvP element to the game.

    The Veteran's reward program is super and a great addition to the game. No complaints there and I look forward to seeing what the devs come up with for farther down the line.

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