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Santa banned from Germany and Austria



  • ZepeeZepee Member Posts: 947

    Originally posted by Copeland
    Originally posted by Rikimaru_X
    "Anti-Santa campaigners claim Father Christmas was invented by Coca-Cola
    and detracts from the true spirit of the festive season."
    Yeah...so when I think Santa, I think Coco-Cola...image

    They are 100% correct. Santa was invented in the late 1800's by Coca Cola.

    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Santa Clause comes from this guy who once lived in ?Finland? and used to distribute small gifts during that time of the year to children.. or poor children... whatever it was?

    That image was then adapted by Coca-Cola. The fat, white-bearded, red wearing guy we "know" as Santa is the adaptation of that Finish guy...

    Again, if I'm not mistaken


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  • PlanoMMPlanoMM Member Posts: 1,267

    i only have one more thing to say about this and then i wont say anymore.  just because i dont teach me kids about santa, that doesnt mean that their imaginations are stunted.  believe me, there are plenty of other fantasys and lore and fairy tales that they can learn and appreciate.  they dont have to "believe" that its real, for them to develop into normal adults.

    its so funny, cause me son and daughter play "house" (i played that when i was a child), and many other dealios like it.  they try to imitate Harry Potter.  but they know that thats not real, its on TV.  its so funny to watch them reinact a scene from HP.  like the scene where Ron is barfing up slugs, disgusting, i know, but funny to watch a 3 year old acting like hes puking up slugs.  i pretend things with them alot.  i just dont want the santa clause in me house, thats all.  get it, the clause, hehe.


  • DabbleDabble Member Posts: 1,043

    Originally posted by Rabiator

    Originally posted by Dabble

    Originally posted by Rabiator

    EDIT: Dabble, you can quit gloating now. Because your post looks a lot more shallow and stupid than the campaign (even to me as an agnostic)

    And your post looks like you have absolutely zero sense of humor.  Lighten up pal and learn to laugh a bit image


    Well, then sorry for misunderstanding you. I really did not get the joke. image

    Maybe because many of those who post similar stuff mean it image

    No worries image

    I'm american, but I'm not that type of "love it or leave it" american. 

    But seriously, after seeing so many posts with links to articles about stupid americans doing stupid things for stupid reasons, it is nice to see that shoe on the Euro foot image

  • PraetorianiPraetoriani Member Posts: 1,147
    That's the silliest thing I've ever read. All large cultures the world have influenced each other. This is just one of those things. I don't see any wrong with Santa Clause - it's a huge boost to the economy, charity and both children and adults love it.

    Shows that being stupid isn't limited to one continent. Although people do have to remember that Germany and Austria do not make up the entire EU, which many of you are criticising.

    If there's a holiday that should be banned, it's Valentine's day.

  • DabbleDabble Member Posts: 1,043
    Or we could all get off the banning kick and just live and let live....

    Just a thought.
  • XxKotyxXXxKotyxX Member Posts: 14

                                yay more presents for not nazi people go santa!!!!



  • XeximaXexima Member UncommonPosts: 2,696

    Originally posted by XxKotyxX
                                yay more presents for not nazi people go santa!!!!                                                                                                                                  image         
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Germany is no longer facist...

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