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Anyone get an e-mail from tcos? (not beta key)

Something about "Welcome to Mailing list" .



  • will200will200 Member Posts: 70
    Got it too. Deffinately them adding everyone to a mailing list so they can send out keys.

    Hopefully before the end of next week.

  • DentoDento Member UncommonPosts: 138

    Welcome to the mailing list!


    Can't wait to check it out

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    According to the devs now, you'll all get in by the end of the year lol

  • NathanCNathanC Member Posts: 14
    At least we've got an email now :)
    Hang in there everyone, we'll get in eventually, and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

  • AhuriAhuri Member UncommonPosts: 13
    nothing in my mail box :(


  • TharcideTharcide Member Posts: 97
    "We will keep you updated on the exact date on which you can expect you
    Closed Beta key. I think it is very safe to assume that access will be
    granted before the end of the year."

    This is what we were looking for.


  • RuffyDRuffyD Member Posts: 23

    The end of the year can be anytime so let's hope that we get access within the next 2 weeks :)

  • airheadairhead Member UncommonPosts: 718
    Got the email... sounds like maybe 2+ weeks, but before end of year.... so mid dec maybe? Last few weeks of the year is when I at least will have the most available time to pound on it. Hope it comes out at least a few weeks before end of year... just a 'hope'...

  • TharcideTharcide Member Posts: 97

    My quarter of school ends on December 15th.
    Heck, I'm lucky like that image

    If they kept their promise and let us in November it would have been a problem for me.


  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606
    Yup i got the email...


  • yuruyuru Member Posts: 18
    Got mine.

  • DraquidenDraquiden Member Posts: 10

    You have received this email because you have won access to the Closed Beta.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Some time ago you won a spot in the Closed Beta for The Chronicles of Spellborn. When we set up this competition with MMORPG.com we hoped that we would be able to open the Closed Beta to larger numbers somewhere in November this year. As it turned out, we are not quite ready yet. Of course this doesn’t mean that we will push back your Closed Beta access with a few months, but we do need some additional weeks to get things up and running. Our American servers have gone live recently and the first heavy testing on these speed monsters has been completed. Our development team will release a new revision of the game by the end of next week. That new version will be tested and stabilized to function as the platform on which future Closed Beta activities can be planned.

    We will keep you updated on the exact date on which you can expect you Closed Beta key. I think it is very safe to assume that access will be granted before the end of the year.

    On a side note, we released a new 6 minute trailer today featuring an exclusive song written by Dutch rock formation Within Temptation. You can check out this trailer on http://www.the-howling.com.

    Other Spellborn news can be found on our website www.tcos.com. We hope to welcome you in our forums and in our irc channels over the coming weeks and we hope to see you in our Closed Beta soon!

    Thanks for your patience!

    Marco van Haren
    Marketing and PR Manager for The Chronicles of Spellborn

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