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alloy13alloy13 Member Posts: 1

I post this in the forum as a LAST RESORT. I have just started a FTP account but I cannot login through the MU client. This is the sequence in which I arrived at this. First, I downloaded the client at DOWNLOAD.COM. Second, I created an account on Third, I opened the client and the update began. When I finally entered, the first screen had the two realms. I clicked on one and then entered the ID and password. Only the connect and exit tabs were available. The other tabs were blank. A message appeared saying my password is incorrect. I have tried everything so far. I reinstalled the client, created a new account on, checked my caps lock, and so on. BTW, my account has been activated alr.


So please help me out...


  • ShadowfoxxShadowfoxx Member Posts: 2
    Well it seems that the people at K2 wanted to do this server migration bs and it wont let you really make a new account for the transfer because the noobs that did it are kinda tying crud and really getting in the way.....some of them need to just drop freaking dead.

    Power from the Shadows........-

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