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Thinking about returning as dark jedi.

TrykenTryken Ultima Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 63

Dear awesomely cool current SWG playeres (the ones that made it through the dreaded CU/NGE),

I used to be a rebel back on Corelia; however, upon seeing a video of the job professoins, I have to admitt playing a jedi for the Empire sounded pretty nice. I'm not sure how they are, so I don't want to jump in and find them gimped. If they are, by all means, feel free to give me suggestions for other job classes, and why you think they're good combatents. Thanks, everyone.

- Tryken.


  • kimosabekimosabe Member Posts: 516
    I'd say medics have the biggest advantage by far. Not only can you out heal the damage done to you, but you can also incapacitate the person sitting at the keyboard. Depending on when you left (preCU, preNGE, or early NGE) I'd say it's safe to assume you'd be disappointed by what this game has dwindled to become.

    Je mettrai l'amour sur dos de moi.

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