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EVE Online: Revelations Launch

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

EVE Online has announced the launch of their newest free expansion, Revelations I. Revelations II and III will follow behind it eventually.


EVE Online: Revelations Deployment Completed!

The deployment of EVE Online: REVELATIONS was completed on 29 November at 0200 GMT, an on-schedule deployment. The first of three installments in EVE Online's second major game expansion, Revelations brings a wide range of new content, features, updates and improvements to the EVE Online universe. You can view this information by visiting the EVE Online: Revelations Features and Patch Notes pages. Dev Blogs with information on some of the recent changes, additions and features are also available.

Please note: The Revelations Patch is currently avalable for manual patching from the EVE Patches page. The full version client is in the process of being built and will be available shortly.

Enjoy Revelations!

For more on EVE Online click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Member Posts: 5,615
    Gota say, for an expansion of this size, dam smooth.

    "Anyone posting on this forum is not an average user, and there for any opinions about the game are going to be overly critical compared to an average users opinions." - Me

    "No, your wrong.." - Random user #123

    "Hello person posting on a site specifically for MMO's in a thread on a sub forum specifically for a particular game talking about meta features and making comparisons to other titles in the genre, and their meta features.

    How are you?" -Me

  • wlvnspectrewlvnspectre Member Posts: 96
    Smooth my badgers afterburners....

    flashing bright white screens during graphic transitions, poorly implimented contract system, a buggy and wrecked map interface,  missing avatars, wrecking the courier system.

    untilthey fix this the way I make aliving in the game is all but stopped.
  • tuguitatuguita Member UncommonPosts: 10
    blha blha blha . . . .. that's a good expansion was a perfect deploy 1.55 there i was trying to connect ... and before 2.00AN i was on revelation.... :)

  • MinscMinsc Member UncommonPosts: 1,348

    Originally posted by wlvnspectre
    Smooth my badgers afterburners....

    bright white screens during graphic transitions, poorly implimented
    contract system, a buggy and wrecked map interface,  missing
    avatars, wrecking the courier system.

    untilthey fix this the way I make aliving in the game is all but stopped.

    flash is a minor thing, it's gone next tuesday. Poorly implemented
    contract system? Whaaaaaaaa? Works fine for me so far. Remember this is
    only the first stage of contracts, more changes will be coming in Rev
    II. I've had no problems with the map so far, it kicks ass IMO.

  • wlvnspectrewlvnspectre Member Posts: 96
    Do not get me wrong, i like the new redesign, look, and general concepts of most of the changes in Revelations I.  I even agree withmost of the reasons (and in an MMO thats REALLY new for me).

    But (you knew there was going to be a but in here somewhere), Nothing went smooth for me and my characters.
    1. When I went to update and it told me to do it manually, it kept telling me to download the patch for the test server, which this time was diffrent from the usual.  The night before, I decided to download the patch manually and install a second version of the EVE Online client to get a sneakpeak while they were rolling out Rev I on the main server.  after patching my main client, niether would log in, and niether would tell me I had the wrong version.  It just told me to download the same patch I had just installed.
    2. When I uninstalled my clients and mistakenly redownloaded and reinstalled the test server patch, because that was the EVE Online page it kept sending me to, it told me I needed to download another patch and install it.  It sent me to a page that just listed what version the patch would update to.  It didn't say that you had to be using the previous client not updated with the test server patch.  If I hadn't downloaded it in the background and launched it automatically I would have noticed this because IT WAS IN THE NAME OF THE PATCH image (D'oh! that one still burns).
    3. It took uninstalling and reinstalling the old client and patching it 3 times before it would let me back in. (yes I tried redownloading the patch each time)
    4. One of my alts wouldn't switch to so i could check the diffrences for a day and a half.(Patch day Syndrome... no biggie)
    There I was, in the new and prettier world, and in Opera with the new features changelog on the EVE online website  at the same time.  I checked out my charter and ships, and everything seemed good and cooler.


    I went to the contracts section because it directly affected my living in the world of EVE and I had Suggested that they do something like this and then I heard that they were implimenting it, I couldn't wait...

    I have Assets at 560+ stations across 3 Regions of space.  Courier missions need less to say ispart of doing bisiness for me.  I have had Over 20 courier missions I have posted COMPLETE in a single evening, let alone the ones that were still active in the cue.  The first thing I did with contracts is make a couple of test missions, but on doing itI decided not to issue them.

    As I learned more about thenew related skill that came with contracts things only became worse.  If I trained the skill Contracts to level V, I could only have 15 (or 16, they are not clear about that) outstanding contacts of any type at any time.  This includes Auctions, Item Exchanges (Escrow lite), Courier Mission Contracts, loans and the "freeform contracts".

    the only solution is if I quit my corp, incorperate myself, and never join another corp agian, take corperate contracting to level V.  and still I would eventually use up all of the slots on courier missions.

    the old way of making a Courier Mission:

    I pay broker fee + put reward I am offering in escrow + state collateral I want on the goods being shipped + what to ship + where to ship it to.

    the NEW WAY:

    pay 470% originall broker fee + reward in escrow + state collateral amount + a 'deposit' (I have to pay that is approxamately the value of the the reward and collaterall added together) so I appearently don't ripmyself off image + what to ship + where to go image!!!!

  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087

    Originally posted by wlvnspectre
    Smooth my badgers afterburners....

    flashing bright white screens during graphic transitions I cant belive you are whining over a virtually nonexistant cosmetic thing, poorly implimented contract system Apart from the fact you have to scan each region 1 at a time instad of all at once i dont have a problem with contracts., a buggy and wrecked map interface Really? news to me lol,  missing avatars Err avitars are not due out till end of 2007, wrecking the courier system err i dont see how please explain this one more please..

    until they fix this the way I make aliving in the game is all but stopped.


  • wlvnspectrewlvnspectre Member Posts: 96
    1. See the post above yours
    2. The Headshots that are your character are also refered to by many as avatars (general term).
    3. many players are having problems with missing or altered facial images
    4. As for the map, lines aren't dark enough and aren't always displaying the proper information.  If I am in one regon of the galaxy and I want to zoom in on another I have to select a star in that region, and if I click on the wrong thing it zooms me back to my location on the map.  if I goto check info on themap as I fly in space  it takes me to system view (practically useless) and to zoom out to galaxy view I have to search a galactic loacation and zoom to it.  Map look pretty.. Work Baaaaaaaaaaaaad.
    5. As for the White flash being a cosmetic thing, for many of Us players they are so bright after about 5 or 6 they really start to hurt the eyes.  When trying out the new map system, I had to watch over 20 on a dark background.  Headache soon ensued.  I am far from the only person complaining about this as being more than "minor annoyance"
  • Agricola1Agricola1 Member UncommonPosts: 4,977
    It went pretty smooth in my opinion, the only trouble is that killmails sometimes fail to specify who laid the final blow. Mean that the victim gets his death mail but the agressors don't get a kill mail, you'd be shocked how many players we've owned in 0.0 are reluctant to help our killboards by supplying their death mail! And quite rude about it!

    "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience"

    CS Lewis

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