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Lineage on Widescreen!

jesusjasdjesusjasd Member UncommonPosts: 15

Hi there! im thinking in buy a widescreen 19" i have a geforce 6600 , and dont know if it goin to be ok! with that video card! any  1 is playing l2 on widesrceen and others games like guild wars?

Is good the experience on widescreen! or i must take normal lcd for gamimg?


  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 3,079
    I don't thin the screen is going to make the game more fun. I will say that with good graphics you can really see the amazing graphics in lineage 2.

    But in my opinion graphics are overrated, i wouldn't waste your money on a awesome monitor for a game like an RPG, if you were playing an FPS then maybe, but not an mmo.

    If graphics are important to you then i think you'll love viewing it, but for me, graphics are simply graphics, something to look at but don't necessarily impart better game play.

    I have a craptastic laptop and a cable internet connection, 1 gb of RAM, some crappy video card and I could Play L2 on mostly higher than average settings and my laptop sucks. I hope it helps.


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  • JukanJukan Member Posts: 328
    Yeah your good to go!

    Hehehe, yea you may be able to play L2 on almost full graphics, but can you play it cranked up in super high rez at a seige with 100+ people? I think not...

    And some people actually like 5 boxing clients with full graphics... image

    Anyway, some people like things more than others, but like I said your game will look hawt... image

    I wish I had that setup...lol.

    Lineage II - Played 4 years and quit.

    GW: Factions - Boring community, quit 4 months.

    Perfect World - Free and good enough to keep playing. I enjoy it so far.

  • jesusjasdjesusjasd Member UncommonPosts: 15

    "hi guys thx for answer, now i bougth the widerscreen im happy about that ^^, "but" always there a but hehe i cant play in 1280 *1024 i just can play olny at this resolution http://img242.imageshack.us/my.php?image=resoluciongwyv1.jpg even in guild wars and lineage 2 ,if any 1 can play in widescreen 19" with 1280 * 1024 if its can plz say how :)


    ty ^^

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