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City of Heroes: Dev Journal: Crafting Vet Rewards

Lead Designer Matt Miller talks about crafting the Veteran Rewards program from a developer's perspective. This program is part of Issue 8: To Serve and Protect, which hit the live servers today.

image Coming up with the Veteran Rewards was one of the coolest things I've done as Lead Designer on the "City of" games so far. It was really a challenge to come up with cool rewards that players have been asking for while at the same time making sure that nothing became the "end-all-be-all" reward that every character MUST have. In addition, I wanted to throw in some cool rewards that players hadn't asked for, but that I knew would be useful for them and make the veteran players' lives a little easier.

I first scoured the boards for suggestions for costume pieces. Trenchcoats were always something that players desired, and we had put them on NPC characters in Issue 7, so getting them into the hands of the players was inevitable. I decided to make this the initial reward, earned at three months, simply because it is probably the most requested costume piece, and it is a nice gift we can give "new" players for a simple three month time investment.

The full journal is here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Can't go back...




    IoPs are that bad...remember, I must remember...don't give in...don't forgive the IoPs, the Hamidons...the nerfs...resist...RESIST!  image

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984
       Your not the only one saying that Anofayle. Slowly but surely my old Supergroup mates are popping back into the game with there tails between there legs. A few of them actually came before the Issue 8 and are happily buzzing around agian. Not going to say things are perfect but Its home for meimage My newest hero looks SOOO nice in his new trenchcoat! That whole vampire hunter style never gets oldimage

  • BelsamethBelsameth Member Posts: 193
    Trenchcoats ftw and all that. It's what I love about City of X. The content updates always add something meaningfull for everybody.... Now if only I had played on europe for longer.... Damn wings :(

  • NameWasTakenNameWasTaken Member Posts: 132
    Come on... enough with all the issue 8 banter. Tell us the important news... Like when NC Soft is handing out free time for existing accounts to try out issue 8!!
  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,366
    I'd cancelled my account about a week before i8 went live. I still have until 12/10 before the current play cycle is over so I spent a couple of hours checking out the new issue. No new content on the villain side. There's only been 1 update to Villain content since the 10/05 launch and that was the increase of level cap from 40 to 50 to match Heroes. While I've read about the new content on the hero side, the only things I could find were the radio bands/safeguard missions. It's basically the same stuff that grew so old so fast with Villains.

    Yes, the new costume pieces are beautiful.
    Yes, the new powers seem very cool (especially the former "temp" powers)
    Yes, Faultline has been changed. (it's still a PITA if you're a runner or a jumper)
    However, I'm content driven. I'd run up 3 heroes to 50 and left the game when CoV came out. I returned after it had been out for 9 months and ran through all of its content pretty quickly. There are still huge content gaps (35-40 in Villians just like the Hero side). There is no end game on either side.

    I'm just doomed to go from game to game, experiencing all the content I can until it's time to move on. Woe is me! (jk)  I enjoy learning new systems. But I will miss some of the regular playing with friends who aren't making the transition with me.

  • DR4296DR4296 Member UncommonPosts: 17

    Originally posted by NameWasTaken
    Come on... enough with all the issue 8 banter. Tell us the important news... Like when NC Soft is handing out free time for existing accounts to try out issue 8!!

    There's a guy on eBay selling codes for the "two week free trial" that was pomoted previously here on  I bought mine last week for $2.95.   And I'm happy to say, I'm just waiting for the weather to improve so I can run to Walmart and buy the full COH / COV game!  I'm a convert!




    -= Dave =-

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