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4 days?

Will the winners of the mmorpg contest hear from TCOS within 4 days......it was said by Freeze -- that we would recieve an email by the end of nov, hopefully i'll be playing too...Im looking forward to this game, and id like something to do


  • L0k1-L0k1- Member Posts: 240
    only time will tell, either way you got a spot reserved so you WILL get into beta some day ^^

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    Don't worry. The game is set to release around March of 2007, or at least until it's pushed back again, so I'm sure we'll get in by february. No worries, just chill out and wait for it.

  • KungfubarKungfubar Member Posts: 34

    This was posted by Freeze in another thread recently


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry for not getting back to you before the specified date.

    The last few weeks have been extremely busy with a major presence at the G* games expo in Korea and numerous engagements that have resulted from this undertaking. While this didn't have any effect on the development progress, it did take quite some effort from our marketing staff. That same staff is also responsible for a new upcoming trailer that is scheduled to launch on the 30th of November. The content of that trailer got the attention from some major entertainment outlets, which again drove our marketing staff into working 24 hour days.

    Behind all this good news lies that sad fact that we didn't deliver on our promise; something that we will make up very soon with an email update too all winners.

    Hope this helps (a bit).

    More info soon!


    Marco 'Freeze' van Haren

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