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Get over it!!!! many pplpe hate runescape and i know why and many pple love runescape and i can see why but the one thing is runescape was the best mmorpg for years but then slowed i have played since classic when it was the best game out there then rs2 came out and they rushed it so there are many macroers out there and many cheaters that bug  the f2p but in members pple love no macs some cheaters so stop fighting runescape has its up and downs but still overall a good game so get over yeah sure call me a noob who cares i have a lvl 126 lvl 101 85 so yes i have had a lot of i no longer play but get over it image


  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540
    I have reported this fello mikeb as i have a mentally handicapped sister (retarded) and she is completly incapable of playing runescape, mikeb your reflection to the mmo community is not a good one , and you should really watch what you say about handicapped people.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • ArkeiArkei Member Posts: 22
    Let's all report him!
  • PsycoSlicerPsycoSlicer Member Posts: 8
    gamerz have no lives!! (speakin for myself as well) lets get outa this game and go blow somethin up for realz =D who wants to join me?image
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