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Battle lengths

reavoreavo Member Posts: 2,173
I have been playing DAoC for a while but there is something that is making pretty angry about it that I was hoping Lineage II may be better at.

When I play DAoC the battles are short.  Too short.  Even playing a tank with a pretty good bit of hit points, I have gone up against other players and gone down in less than 2 secs.  This to me is horrible.  I don't even have the time to react to anything before my character is dead.

I want to play a game where if I'm fighting someone there is an actual battle.  Not some one on one hit and run and me lying there wondering how I was ever supposed to defend myself against what happened.  It happens a lot, and that's not fun.

Are the battles in Lineage II longer?  I mean, do I actually get the chance to begin to use some strategy and skill against someone?  Or is it just as bad as DAoC?


  • SantaClaws48SantaClaws48 Member Posts: 280
    Yes, defnitely. L2 is more group based pvp. A party of 9 against another party of 9 will last about 30-60 seconds if one party knows what they are doing. If both parties are not assisting and everyone is running around with their heads cut off then it could take 4-5 minutes.
  • RisingShadeRisingShade Member Posts: 13
    If you consider the new Appela armors in C5, battles can take a VERY long time. In fact, it is possible for some mage classes to beat a higher level melee class even though their tanking. 

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