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Is this game point and click to move?

redeye81redeye81 Member Posts: 10
If it is.. can anyone suggest a game that is not?


  • Mystic_BeingMystic_Being Member Posts: 13
    Yes this is a point and click to move game, heres one game you might like :D

    Like the other millions of players i too are waiting for Raganrok Online 2.

  • ehall422ehall422 Member Posts: 5
    Nothing wrong with point and click, imo.
  • mpogamermpogamer Member Posts: 10
    You can also hold your mouse to keep on moving. For example, if you want to move to a place straight ahead, you can hold your cursor in front of your character to keep walking. You can turn by still holding your mouse and pointing right.

    Love Ragnarok Online. Waiting for RO2.

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