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LOL a spam board...How lame

RipperLordRipperLord Member Posts: 58
Dude as if you gonna make a spam board, you are trying to disincourage spamming and this just promotes it



  • LaunvatarLaunvatar Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 127
    shut up.


    Rolling On The Floor Laughing Too Hard To Stop And Scaring The Cat, Meanwhile My Mom Walked In And Thought I Had Eaten Poisonous Mushrooms And She Called The Paramedics And They Took Me Too Mad House And All Of This Is Your Fault You Stupid Fathead Piece Of **** With Your Lame Jokes That Make Me Laugh This Much You Bastard

  • grimweepergrimweeper Member Posts: 2,047
    shows how dumb you are, they put a spam forum here so that people wouldnt spam in other areas of the forum.


  • FattyTattyFattyTatty Member Posts: 9
    Kool or lame
    Think what u want
    But i think its kool
    Coz im kool
    Thats how cool i am

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