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Within Temptation Soundtrack

This is a big contribution to this game, at least to me, being able to get some nice music into the game is always freshing.

I wonder if we could start to get some Folk Metal Bands doing this more often, finntroll would make a killing soundtrack into this game IMO image

Getting really excited about this game =)


  • ArniseArnise Member Posts: 1

    Not sure you can hear Within Temptation in game, Thee wrote that here.

    Originally posted by Thee Nailros
    You are not going to hear the songs the produce for TCoS during your "regular" gaming experience. Within Temptation will provide exclusive songs for in-game introduction events surrounding the release of TCoS.

    What you will hear on a daily base is music done by Jesper Kyd and ambience sounds produced by our very own Matthew Florianz.

  • AnathemusAnathemus Member Posts: 13
    :O that's really dissapointing then image
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