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looking forward to this one

cant wait to get my hands on it, just hope we get the invite mails soon :D, alot of new innovatite stuff that i wanna see how it works out in reality


hope to see you all in the game VERY soon =)


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    Well, now that I'm starting to see many of their "community" flaming us on their official boards, calling us idiots, saying we should not have been given a chance at beta because only those on the official beta signups should count, statements of us being "lesser people", and the fact that most of the ones who made these comments and more were happy to come over here and start accounts just to win the beta contest, I've just about decided that's not the kind of community I want to be a part of when playing a game. I've been watching this game from the beginning and i was looking forward to being in the beta, as well as playing after release perhaps. As of right now though, I could care less. "Muddah" and the rest of the asshats in their "community" can keep the game for themselves. Everybody here should go to their official forums in the general discussions section and read the posts regarding mmorpg.com and the contest. While you're there, be sure to check out post from users like PK Ghost who are all for opening up goldselling and ebaying items/characters for the game from the very outset.

    /rant off

    Edit: Note to Spellborn devs: get a grip on your community forums, 'cause although I am sure that most there are nice people and just wanting to play your game, the vocal asshats are going to end up driving more people away than your marketing gimmicks can bring in. Just a thought.

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  • xenrikxenrik Member Posts: 11

    To be fair, I think it's only a minority that are flaming the winners - I think you'll find that the majority of peeps are admittedly jealous (i know i am :P), but are still quite civil and happy to see the extra publicity that TCoS has had due to the compo.

    So, I know I can't say that there aren't those who need a lesson in diplomacy over there, don't assume we're all like that :D Also if you look through the second and third links (the first has to do with gold-farming, not sure how that's relevent?), you find that the majority of posts are actually defending you guys, and telling the OP to stop whining :)

    I've personally found that in my time there, that the forums are a lot more civil and mature when compared to alot of other pre-release forums I've been a part of.


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    As I said, I don't blame the whole community. But to have these topics hit you in the face as soon as you go into the forums can give a bad impression. I am a firm believer that over-moderation of a forum is a bad thing, but so is under-moderation. The goldfarming is relevant to the point that some of these future players are already planning on turning this game into another e-bay trading game, which alot of people besides myself would rather just avoid. If I was a dev there and someone was advocating being able to sell gold/game items from my game on e-bay, that person would be gone. But it's not my game, so it's not up to me however, what game I play and/or will endorse to other players is. The game itself looks to be amazing. But an amazing game means nothing if the devs aren't willing to take measures against those who would, inevitably, screw it up. Maybe I'm over reacting. Wouldn't be the first time. And in fact, I hope I am.::::09::

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