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Calling all Digimon fans

CrindlesCrindles Member Posts: 4

Hiyas Digimon fans!!!

Join the DigimonRPG group and get a digimon, train a digimon, evolve your digimon! We have over 20 special events so join while the best FREEBIES last! First 5 members get these freebies so hurry while spaces last!


And remember we all imageDigimon!

The Digimon Lovers Poem:

We all love Digimon,

From Renamon to Guilmon,

Oh we all love Digimon,

From ugly to green


Some people are trainers. I'm a master trainer.


  • bigminubigminu Member Posts: 30
    lO.ol man you are a digimimagen nerd
    imagei liked digimon too but this is too muchimage
  • CrindlesCrindles Member Posts: 4
    Unfortunately some people are not into digimon but remember to join the group TOATAL MEMBERS = 0 so hurry and get your freebies!image

    Some people are trainers. I'm a master trainer.

  • therock3000therock3000 Member UncommonPosts: 48
    what are the freebies are?
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