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which of these bands/artists do you like the best?

which of these bands or artists do you like the best?

your choice.....


  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,866
    Queen for sure.
  • CeticarrCeticarr Member Posts: 236
    queen, closely followed by korn

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  • h4x0rn4bsk1h4x0rn4bsk1 Member Posts: 82

    Metallica, closely followed by Queen, after that, Korn, however their latest albums are dissapointing me. They are good, but their sound is always the same, still unique tough.

    Metallica is a very good band, had some ups and downs, but same as Korn, latest albums are not that good. But they still are my favorites because of their good albums. They are one of the bands that started trash metal, and they are damn good at creating it.

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  • qotsaqotsa Member UncommonPosts: 835
    Queen is the best on the list. Metallica was good on anything before Newsted joined. Korn was good on the first two albums and Christina's last two cds have been ok.

  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Member Posts: 1,164
    Well, since hari-kiri isn't an option, I'll go with Metallica.

  • TyrolerTyroler Member Posts: 97
    Metallica, followed by Queen
  • AnagethAnageth Member Posts: 2,217
    Queen -> Metallica.

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  • WarhawkeWarhawke Member UncommonPosts: 42
    Metal up your arse anyday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kimosabekimosabe Member Posts: 516

    Queen is by far the best choice on that list of yours.

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  • Keebs1984Keebs1984 Member Posts: 1,356

    Red Hot

    Followed by Queen, the rest of those bands simply blow. No offense to anybody that likes them.

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  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812
    Metallica then Korn followed by Gorillaz

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