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The Underworld?

xoxogirl2xoxogirl2 Member Posts: 35

What are all the possible ways of getting to the underworld?


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  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    I believe that there is only one way into the Underworld, and that's talking to an Avatar of Grenth (at certain VERY specific locations dependent upon which chapter you're playing in) when your region has Favor of the Gods.

    As to the specific locations, I believe that there's 4 locations now that you can do that from. There should be a temple like area in each of the chapters where you'd be able to go to either the UW or Fissure of Woe (in Prophecies, this place is the Temple of the Ages, not sure on Factions or Nightfall) which will also cost you 1k gold. The other place is in Prophecies, where one specific ressurection shrine in Lornar's Pass will also have the spirit. However, you will also have to pay 1k gold to get in from there, so there's no benefit to this method.

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