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N00B at RF-online

AsguardAsguard Member Posts: 3
II jyst started playing RF online and i must say i like what i see. I have been playing WoW for a long time and leveld 4 characters to lvl 60, right now im so sick of WoW that i wana hert ppl discussing ingame events.


I like the combinations of wapons u can use, swords and plasmaguns, it gives me an Fantasy/chi-fi fealing.

The characters look much bether and more 1337 whit a 7 foot long sword in 1 hand and a sheld as big as urself in the other.

Still som of the environment could have been bether, there are some sharp edges, and its easy to see where the modelators have placed the vetxes. Even thoug i find RF to b much more exiting to play than WoW.


But im still a n00b at RF, just figure out the force thingie and the bank.

I were at RF onlines webpage to look for more gameplay informations, but i could only find information about stuff and not how they work.


Think any1 could posts some hints and tips, i dont know much about the game, for example, can u have proffesions? is there any kind of actionhouse? How can u see what level other players are, i just see some collord sercles?


  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747
    well all you do early on is lvl and lvl your skills.  Later on yuo
    will have to grind out your skills and lvls.  Around 30+ you will
    have the Chip Wars 3 times a day, which is the all out war between the
    3 races

  • julrichhjulrichh Member Posts: 100
    lol.....i thought the same thing at first....took me all of a month to say "SCREW THIS". Save your time, Find another game

  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186 is a good tips site I'd recommend it'll show you alot about the game.

    also check the official forums plenty of noob guides on there for you.

    edit: anything else you made need answering feel free to add me on xfire below

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