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Why this game will be better than WoW (imho)



  • BakgrindBakgrind Member UncommonPosts: 423

    Originally posted by Sealcow
    First of all, allow me to clarify my meaning in saying this.  I don't think that anything can compare to WoW in a number of significant ways, and that includes this game.  I think WoW has established and respected instances, a huge player base, now simple pvp, numerous ways to gear up, and huge amounts of content.  Since these things are very diffictult to compare to, both in the sense that almost nothing could compare to WoW in them and that it would be difficult to do the comparing, my idea would be instead to make a number of statements about what I value in each game and compare.  The settings, I think, give LOTRO a huge advantage.  Lord of the Rings is an established license which, by all indications, Turbine is staying very true to, even to the extent of possibly hurting it's success, although I personally believe the real proof of success is the closeness to the material.  WoW is, in my opinion after a 60th and 40th level character, an absurd, crappy, and poorly done setting.  Most of the zones were implausible, random, and very forced, with what struck me as poor raid design (not in the sense of not being fun but in the sense of being inconvinient and obnoxious) and it fails to stay even remotely close to it's subject material.  I have been an avid warcrafter since Warcraft 1, and WoW is simply too out of sync with any of the previous games to claim it is the successor.  WoW also has (pve)  battles that are very difficult, for me anyway, to enjoy because they are either a pointless show of force by the numerically greater side, or 40 people attacking a single target that appears very unmenacing except that it has it's own name.  The attacks are like watching a crappy fireworks show, with a variety of implausible colors and unrealistic effects.  Naturally, what I am hoping for as an alternative to this is a system that relies on realistic graphics and archers taking the roles of mages in WoW, with realistic shot effects, and a system that instead of trying to invent tons of weird characters that I could write better locations, stories, and appearences for, simply puts a cave troll in front of you, (hopefully triggering a memory of a scene in FoTR) and forces you to fight for your life.  Obviously, there are many points against what I am saying, and I hope to hear someone address what I am saying; I am at this point planning on getting LOTRO, and the only thing that would deter me is my fellow player base.  Please respond if you think I am looking at something wrong.

    Not trying to flame anyone or the title LOTR, but any game being better than another is purely subjective in nature. What you Hope is that LOTR lives up to its promises. Will it really follow the Tolkien lore or will it matter if it doesn't ? To me this game  reminds me of Star Wars Galaxy due to the fact that we know the story from beginning to end and we know who wins. So why bother playing it ? 
  • Squall15Squall15 Member Posts: 454

    Originally posted by Bakgrind

    To me this game  reminds me of Star Wars Galaxy due to the fact that we know the story from beginning to end and we know who wins. So why bother playing it ? 

    I never thought of this before...

    I guess that doesnt bother me, since i will play it as long as its fun.

  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    You know something funny, this is the first time I have looked at the LOTRO forum hear, and this is the first thread I looked at.  I got zero information about this game and zero comparisons to WoW.  Yet from what I read everyone is just arguing for the sake of it.  It is almost **fakes shock** like reading a thread in the WoW forum. 

    I obviously know there is not a lot of information out about it now but come on, there has got to be some intelligent discourse on it somewhere.  Anyways good luck with your arguing.image

    "It is easier to be cruel than wise. The road to wisdom is long and difficult... so most people just turn out to be assholes" Feng (Christopher Walken)

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