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Ok, don't shoot me over this.

Alright, so, i know this may get me lynched in some area's of the world, especially at my age, but, i sent the idea to the parent company and have gotten no repsponse.  It may seem childish but it does have a large following, so, it might take off if done properly.

The idea is for a Pokemon: Online mmo.  *ducks head*

ok, i know its namely for kids, but it can be pretty addictive, and i thought it was a relatively profitable idea, plus, i think it is workable.

I guess i'm just asking for your thoughts.


  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    I say why not.

  • SnaKeySnaKey Member Posts: 3,386

    I don't see why they haven't made one yet.

    If the pet development system was anything like Monster & Me I might actually play. People can bash Pokemon all they want, but if you get passed it's pukingly cute graphics and storyline, it's actually a pretty good game.
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  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,375
    They are making a Hello Kitty MMO.  Why would people to quote you "lynch" you for asking about a Pokemon MMO?  Movies and everything else under the sun get turned into a MMO.  Why not pokemon to?

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  • AbsoluteDudeAbsoluteDude Member Posts: 241
    I think the kids might like yugioh better cause my little brother is 8 and he likes yugioh better then pokemon


  • NeverasNeveras Member UncommonPosts: 303
    But yugioh has been done to pretty much death. There's very little depth within the game. One of the big appeals with pokemon is on the one had it's simple, easy to pick up and play but on the other hand it's got a fairly robust combat system and elements of hardcore.

    It's also a game that if done right could have a very fun pvp system, we may not admit it, but many older gamers would probably end up playing this title.

  • TeleboasTeleboas Member UncommonPosts: 184
    Right now would be a perfect time for a Pokemon MMO to come out.  World of Warcraft introduced so many young kids to MMORPGs.  I'm sure a Pokemon based MMO could pull away a ton of kiddies from WoW that's getting tired of that game.
  • myrrdinirlmyrrdinirl Member Posts: 314
    I don't think you can because Pokemon is already copyrighted
  • TeleboasTeleboas Member UncommonPosts: 184

    Originally posted by myrrdinirl
    I don't think you can because Pokemon is already copyrighted

    He wasn't asking if he could make a Pokemon MMO.  He said he got ahold of the parent company (the company that owns the copyright) about them creating one.
  • ljfsevenljfseven Member Posts: 65

    "PvP r0xx0r, I CHOOSE YOU!"


    20 mins later "for the love of God, if i hear "i choose you" one more freakin time....."

  • acmtalkacmtalk Member Posts: 405
    If well made, With Teens on mind, It can get 5X more people playing it than WOW LOL.  Pokemon is very popular worldwide.


  • RattrapRattrap Member Posts: 1,599

    Hey man

    I think Pokemon MMO , would be just awsome - I am really puzzled why they are not making one.

    Pokemon is the perfect game for MMO , if there was ever one

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  • kimosabekimosabe Member Posts: 516
    This is a surprisingly great idea. Hell it's childish, but I'd play it, and it has tons of potential. All the competition for the tournements would really lend itself to a multiplayer game and "boss fights". Dammit now I won't be able to stop thinking about it for at least a week.

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  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170
    Might be decent, but not for me. Simply not enough depth and victory would be far more based on Pokemon stats(read: Grinding) than human skill... just like most other MMOs...


  • InflictionInfliction Member Posts: 1,115
    I could see this being a pretty huge development process... I'm sure its been considered... But... The only way I could see this game being cool is if you had your avatar for normal walking around etc... Then for fights you'd choose a pokemon, let it loose, and control it. Now comes the difficult part. Putting in 100+ playable creatures with their own animations and ability sets. This would require a huge amount of work.

    Overall I'm still holding out for a Magic: The Gathering MMO image


  • HavamereHavamere Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for teh supportive comments all.  Like i said, it was just an idea i had one day, and gave teh idea to the Pokemon Co.  However, i still haven't heard back from them on it.  Oh well, maybe getting word out about it on the net will give the idea a little more steam.

  • Sin-Sin- Member Posts: 79
    Im not really into the Pokemon thing but if they made one im sure it would be huge.  To add more fuel to the fire, what happens if they created that and a DBZ online game? 0.o
  • z80paranoiaz80paranoia Member Posts: 410
    I would be the first in line to buy a pokemon mmo.

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  • SuaveSuave Member Posts: 150

    I buy it!

    Especially if you can open your own gym.

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