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EoF question!

NodotsamNodotsam Member Posts: 12

If I play as a race that doesn't start out in the new starting zone, can I travel there and level up in that area?



  • PlanoMMPlanoMM Member Posts: 1,267
    the new starting city is a good city, so if u start as an evil race, i dont believe so.  i could b wrong.


  • scaramooshscaramoosh Member Posts: 3,424

    Freeport always gets the shaft

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  • wolvrine99wolvrine99 Member Posts: 2

    Yes you can travel to and from the new content via boats in nek and ts.  All players will be able to experience/pvp in the new content.  Just remember though if you are evil, you may not want to go to Kelethin since it is "good" alligned.

    Just as a side note you can start in Kelethin with any good alligned player too.


  • NodotsamNodotsam Member Posts: 12
    Ok, thanks for the help, I plan on playing as a barbarian.


  • XandryaXandrya Member Posts: 59

    I was playing on test yesterday and started a new char just to try out the new char creation screen.  My char is a high elf and I was able to choose Kelethin as my starting city. 

    Not sure if that applies to Barbarians or not, but as a barbie I'm sure you can start in Qeynos (provided you choose a good/neutral class) and then go to Kelethin without any problems at all.

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