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Pirate King Online - Open Beta!

ekwkekwk Member UncommonPosts: 15
Hi guys!

The Closed Beta phase of Pirate King Online is about to come to an end! There will be a scheduled character wipe once the server is shut down on 22nd September, Friday @ 10am GMT + 8 to prepare for the Open Beta which will begin on the 22nd of September, Friday @ 7pm GMT + 8.

With the Open Beta launch, this also means that the game will be openly available to all players around the globe to register online and play. There will no longer be anymore character wipes and will remain free to play forever!

For more info you can visit the official site at!


  • VyrsaceVyrsace Member Posts: 1

    I have mixed feelings about this Open Beta. I hope the potential that this game shows really comes out in the final development stages of the game, if the improvement comes faster than gradual than I can see quite a great reputation forming.

    As it stands, this game is good in regards to graphics. The graphics are basic 3D with an anime/manga style to, obviously, appeal to the younger generation, though, I feel this is a downside at times because this could easily suppliment the lack of storyline direction. There really isn't much of a story to this game, some of it is assumed and the rest is vague.

    The good thing is there are lots of quests. I'd have to estimate there are 200 or more quests, since each NPC has about 5 or more quests available and there are tons of NPCs, then when you complete the quests the NPC reveals more. I find this to be a good quality to the game because it gives you something to do while gaining experience (best at lower levels), gold, and a good idea of the world around you. Indirectly, the quests allow you to walk all over the map looking for certain monsters and items. The map is huge, it takes about 15 minutes to cross one section of an island (three islands), which makes a user have the same feeling as they would in a game such as Ultima Online. As I was saying, though, the game has really no dominant story line and the community is quite below the standard intellect. I'm not too sure on what the Maple Story community is like but it reminds me of how people who play Counterstrike post on internet forums. I wouldn't say the community is the aggressive type like the Counterstrike community but they definately type like them. An example would be, someone asks a question but does so in such poor grammar and spelling that it's almost impossible to read what they are saying ("wher du u go2 gett mitten item?") or they create guides in the forum with poor structure and diagrams that are, obviously, made in Microsoft Paint with a "LOL" in the right corner pointing to something that isn't even witty (Grade 5/Elementary school humor). So you have to wonder, is it really worth putting time and effort into a character in a online community when you're surrounded by people who can't even understand a bus schedule. Given, some of the community is based from asian countries but the disorganization from all sides leads me to believe that it doesn't matter, regardless of a person's origin, that if you're playing a game as easy as this then you should have some sense of how to play it without words.

    The GUI is kind of poor, at the moment, but I assume this is easily fixed and will be changed. The main annoyances to notice is the non-integrated settings dialogs (Graphics setting, Sound Setting, Game Setting, etc. are all in seperate dialogs that you have to open then close to check each setting), the low diversity in settings (Example: can't change keyboard settings), no active/online world/player list, can only move with the mouse (this leads to alot of walking and aiming inaccuracy (Example: walking 5-10 steps forward instead of just one step forward), the login page doesn't allow saving user name and password, hot keys are set and non-changeable, user names are case sensitive (this leads to a great difficulty in chatting when, say, a user needs to PM someone in a hurry and that user has a case sensitive complex name (Example: xXxlilguysxXx).

    Levelling is reasonably easy (I made level 30 within 3 days) with the mass amount of monsters within the world map. Every two levels is another monster type that gets stronger and tougher each way, which is a bit tedious, linear, and repetitive, but since this is a MMORPG then that would fit exactly under the nature of the business.

    This game is completely free, for now, so I can't complain anymore than I already have. It helps pass the time and is a very cheap thrill. It's definately worth trying, but at its current state it's definately not worth buying.

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