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i just got a couple questions......

rawkusrawkus Member Posts: 4

Hi ive heard many good things about this game and i was thinking of starting myself..... but im having troubles finding a site where i can both regester so i have an account... aswell as a good site for downloading the actual client... can somone plz help me out?????? thx  image


  • xPhearxPhear Member Posts: 12

    make account here

    billing Ubi

    DL the game at (use the search engine)

    or this one ..

    if u woulda looked in another post just below woulda found it =D


  • armo4armo4 Member Posts: 16
    omg can someone tell me please why dis game will not let me play? i downloaded it then i started the game i put my user and pass then its connecting to server but wait whats this???? a thing pops up saying i need a subscribtion! so if any1 please tell me what this means and how i get past it i would be very greatfull XD

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