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When will we get the beta-keys?


I'm one of the happy winners of this contest and i want to know when we could expect our keys.

Thank you :)


  • outfctrloutfctrl Member UncommonPosts: 3,619
    Still havent got mine.


  • TyrolerTyroler Member Posts: 97
    Hey Guys,

    A quick update here from Spellborn HQ:

    First of all, we are amazed by the amount of competition entries. While these numbers make us very happy, we will make sure that we can give all the people that didn't win a fair chance to join the open beta when it starts at the end of this year/early 2007.

    We are currently finalizing our servers in the US. Since Spellborn requires optimal server connections, we don't want to put the non EU contest winners on a European beta server. This will mean that all 250 contest winners will be allowed to join the beta at the same time as soon as all US servers are up and running and are tested by are QA department.

    Expect your client and beta login before the end of November. This might be a disappointment for some (or many) of you, for which we apologise, but we have worked on this project for years and we want to show it to you in its best possible form.

    We expect to get the full list of winners from the mmorpg.com staff within the next few days. Winners can expect more details and information via email within 2 weeks.

    For those of you that won a beta invite, feel free to send me (Freeze) a pm on our website (www.tcos.com) if you have any questions or comments. On a side note; we will replace the client on fileplanet before the invites are send out. It will save you a lot of time and bandwidth to not download the current client.

    Thanks again for understanding and i hope to see you all soon in the world of Spellborn.


    Marco 'Freeze' van Haren
    PR Manager TCoS


    so it could be awhile before we get it

  • outfctrloutfctrl Member UncommonPosts: 3,619
    Thanks Tyro!!!


  • CractixCractix Member Posts: 5
    thank you for your response.

  • TarsickTarsick Member Posts: 41

    Tyroler, do you know if Spellborn International plans on sticking with the same bit torrent updater and patcher technologies? seems as if thats the main gripe for a lot of people that are having problems downloading updates and/or patching

  • TyrolerTyroler Member Posts: 97
    i have no idea, im just a poor guy who Qouted what Mr Freeze said earlier on another tread

  • grndzrogrndzro Member UncommonPosts: 1,156
    The reason the Bittorrent updater was painfull to use was due to the lack of ppl using the client.
    Once Beta goes live there will be much faster download speeds.

    I actually prefer Bittorrent for use as a game updater since it allows faster DL speeds than a normal server trying to give out the file to thousands of ppl at the same time.

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