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Will EOF create a flood of Illusionists?

AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362

I've noticed several posters on the sony boards saying something along the lines of "When EOF comes out I will create an Illusionist to fit in with the Faerie theme".

Will this expansion mean that Illusionists are going to join conjurers, zerkers and furies as a flavour-of-the-month class?


  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member Posts: 2,902

    hmm..well theres going to be a bunch of skirt wearing fae for sure

    personally i'll make one and get through some of the new content, then betray and become a defiler after I get my hunter of fairies title


    “"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a robot foot stomping on a human face -- forever."
  • XandryaXandrya Member Posts: 59
    I want to make a warlock fairy.  More than just mishievous, she will enjoy poisoning and making things sick.
  • grokkgrokk Member Posts: 26

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