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Kal Online pwns

yp people iv come to the conclusion that u cant go by the rating of the sites on certain games... for example i think Kal Online is one of the greatest Free games out there, one of the major downfalls of the game happens to be the lag  but if u can get over that i even think its could be considered better or equall to the quality of everquest2 but thats just my personal opinion... id like a few opinions so anyone that happens to browse and come across this please state ur opinion if ur fimilier with the game


  • i could also be said that there should be elimination of hacking/ccf but, one of the very things that pisses me off sometimes is that this game has been compaired to runescape.... now listen here people i have nothing against runescape considering i have a lv 126 but in all seriusness this game is much better in both quality of game play as well as graphics which in my opinion is which people base there opinion of the game on....when people look to play a new game they dont look at the theme or the number of people that play it but at first the screen shots which show the quality of the graphics....this being said i think it is very legit that this should not happen again even if u are a runescape freak dont compair it to a game that is far superior... runescape even though grown epople play it, it is more of a childish game that us censores curses and everything which takes away from the true feeling of the game play....opinions would be nice once in a while.. think this over even though uv probobly stoped reading by now and place ur comment on what u think about this game, and if it has a future to be better... thankyou for ur time , and for reading this if u havent stoped already ^^

  • d0gz1llad0gz1lla Member UncommonPosts: 77

    well i played KAL for very long time, but i tooked it on easy way, not like i would g33k for 24/7

    but the KAL realy isnt having much future, becouse of hackers/CCF/cheaters/bug abusers and stuff like that, well i had some friends that were quite cool and all, but the majority of KAL is scamers and seeking oportunites to scam enyone they come across,... The graphics is very nice in the game, so does all the equipment to, but i only think it dont have the RPG in it, the story, it dosent have the story, well i miss kal a bit, but i delited account and im quite happy i aint playing it anymore...

    byebye :P

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  • well yes kal does have many of those things,ut it has become alot better, i beleive that it lacks the customer support, and that is one  of the majior problems.I am a lv 45 archer and from the time i started played to now it has become greatly improved, of coarse there are  certain glitches and even hacks that are still around in the game today. for EX: when i was around mabe a lv 15-20 in guamo mine( noob village) i would constantly see underground hacker, now of coarse there are still a few mabe 1 or 2 out of 100 people r an undergrounder but the game has greatly shown there concern by banning the #1 ranked player in the game called Zoso. now MMORPG may have ranked this game around a 7 but i beleive that the game has greatly improved and it should be givin another chance, one of the majior downfalls i still say is either the lag of the game or the customer support.. i anyone wants to give the game another shot plz PM me on the game y charcer is a 45 Archer that goes by the name of ImperialShadow....ty for ur time

  • Dragao55Dragao55 Member Posts: 22
    Kal 1 of the best  free games . yes many hacks ( in all games if yuo try do stupid things like win money  or  win fast exp and go to a site who say " regist here and we give yuo free things just have to give the pass and id  )  yes many lag ( many user ) , yes no many clothes ( g8 g16 g24 g32 g42 and  if yuo play like alot yuo can have g46 and if yuo play 2 years more  g50+ and if yuo play forever maybe g60+ for this i say = free game ) and a some times yuo have to be pacient it lv up ( this is a RPG and all ppl who like RPG know to lv up yuo got to play all day all night allweek all summer all .... all time :D ) and some ppl walking underground killing yuo trade hackers  and some other stupid things ( all games have hackers and this is ----->korean game <----- lol )   .
    Good things  FREE GAME and FREE GAME .... ok the guild sistem is very nice it 4 lv and flags and castel war it some wepon awesome  , many wepons yuo can creat yuor wepon and that is cool , many user from all world very cool , many monsters and FREE GAME and some other things :) .

    ps= sorry bad english

    Have fun

  • verginvergin Member Posts: 6
    ithink this game is copy of other mmorpg games like some grants like l2 and others...

    Hos your dady??Im your dady..ITS MEE

  • I dont think its so great, only thing I like though is that its free. 

  • DeletedAcctDeletedAcct Member Posts: 883

    [quote]Originally posted by Dragao55
    [ this is a RPG and all ppl who like RPG know to lv up yuo got to play all day all night allweek all summer all .... all time image[/b][/quote]

    Sorry, that is the definition of a useless grinding game. That is not the definition of an rpg.

  • cwilliams194cwilliams194 Member Posts: 18
    I like Kal, 1 for its simplicity, 2 for the alright story, too many of these free-to-play mmo's have NO story, and 3 for its decent graphics, havent played since i got my new video card but even on the mediocre card i used to have the graphics were good.


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