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SmashHammerSmashHammer Member Posts: 29

Now that I got your attention go to www.  and join! You could have a chance to win a million dollars!

www. is my fricken forum! Plz join it!


  • dorpianodorpiano Member Posts: 19
    okay dude serously dont make jokes about that I still didnt get my sex yet...image


  • tacitusherostacitusheros Member Posts: 14
    i thought you was pimpin out your sis or somethin m8  image


  • jmuneyjmuney Member Posts: 10
    peopel we should post some hot pics to go with this even if it is a joke


  • SolarbearSolarbear Member Posts: 26
    HUH oh shizzle no sex???????????????

    What r u starin at   ^ isint my sig nor is ths.....THAT IS DOWN THERE


    Happy shopping

    >insert forum signature here<

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