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need some info regarding this game

hi folks,  i'm doing some research and would really appreciate it if you could help me out.  i need a list of the server names, classes and a list of the playable races.


thanks in advance


  • xaussxauss Member Posts: 384





    UNITAS (to replace UNITY european server)

    RACES http://horizons.gamersinfo.net/races/default.php

    CLASSES http://horizons.gamersinfo.net/schools/schools.php


  • pjking303pjking303 Member Posts: 86
    thanks mate
  • xmoleculexxmoleculex Member Posts: 98
    I won't pretend to know why you are doing this research, but I would assume its because you are thinking of trying the game out.

    Let me please stress to you that many people feel like its a bad idea to give EI your credit card number. Many "erroneous" charges have gone through on many credit cards. They even wait for months after you cancel before charging again, basically trying to sneak money out of the accounts of people who neglect to check their monthly statements.

    Please be careful! Use a one-time credit card number or something along those lines if you can!

  • PlxixPlxix Member Posts: 7
    You can't pay right now.  It won't accept.  You get to play for free until they fix billing.  Concerning overbilling, that issue is old news.  Pay By Touch have been giving people their money back, on a case by case basis.
  • xmoleculexxmoleculex Member Posts: 98
    Yeah, people who notice are getting refunds. Sadly, there's probably plenty of folks out there who never check their credit card statements who are getting charged for a game they don't play anymore. That seems to be what EI is counting on anyways.

    Of course, it's dumb to not check your statements, but that doesn't mean that EI has the right to steal your money.

    They waited over two months after I canceled my trial account before they ran two seperate charges through for the same account. This is not a real company, it's a gang of thieves.

  • pjking303pjking303 Member Posts: 86

    the reason i'm doing this research is i'm helping build a website which i'm gathering the info for and inputting it into the database.  I came to this website to find a few spercifics on a couple of games which i couldn't find anywhere else.  While i was looking around here i noticed quite a few mmo's that i'd never heard of so i asked people for info on those games while asking for the others.

    I had one guy flame me somewhere else on this site, he said something like "here's a thought TRY the official WEBSITE of the game blah blah blah and you call yourself a researcher". I politely pointed out that nowhere did i say i was a researcher and pluss the fact i'm doing this for free to help a friend whom i know through the internet. He then appologised and tried to help me a little.

  • dgaliendgalien Member Posts: 9

    Originally posted by xauss
    SERVERS - US BLIGHT ORDER CHAOS UNITAS (to replace UNITY european server)


    just a renamed server? or did they merge with other servers?

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