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Which server I should choose ?

I'm new here ,I wanna konw which server has the most players.

who can tell me ?  thank u !~image


  • MalltrakMalltrak Member UncommonPosts: 17

  • thank u :)

    r u in that server ?

  • MalltrakMalltrak Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Yeah i am i have played on bother servers and i find there is more Peeps on that one. Btw wich Faction are you choseing?.......Go OMNI!!!

  • HOHO:)

    I'm a newbie here , I don't know my character's stirps :(

    I just know that I use pet to attack.

    can u tell me ur character's name ? I could find u when I online :)

  • Virtual98741Virtual98741 Member Posts: 24
    I LOVE PETS!! lol i played beta to poor to play the game now;p

  • well, yep .the pets are very interesting!

    what's ur character name ?image

  • crushrcrushr Member Posts: 27

    RK1 (atlantean) -> more people, higher market rates, everything (buff, tradeskilling, etc) costs money (you'll make more also)
    RK2 (Rimor) -> "less" people, decent market rates, buff/tradeskilling is for free (unless uber high demend or VERY difficult)

    Both are totally different economies...

    Side? Choose whatever you like, or where you make the most friends image

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