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who is

who is going to pre-order

if so are you going to get the $100 dollar version so you can play 3 days before realease?



  • WarspineWarspine Member Posts: 105
    Im gonna pre order the 100$ version when i see it on the europe market.
    Allthough i couldnt care much about getting online 3 days before.

    I just like to have the collectors edition for the box and all it's goodies. maybe some ingame items to decorate my house or whatever :)

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    im going to get that one also

    but those first 3 days im not going to sleep because i want to be ahead of everyone


  • WarspineWarspine Member Posts: 105
    Hehehe, I am gonna do a different approach this game. And not stress up to max lvl to play end game at the beginning. Im gonna take it all cool, and try to stay calm.

    (prolly gonna end up hardcoring but im gonna try not to)

    You can only reach max lvl once, why rush it

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    because once you get one toon up to max lvl then you can start another and get a new acspect of the game

    but after i lvl 1 or 2 toons up ill go for the whole guild raiding thing and just raid all the time


  • SerenikillSerenikill Member Posts: 45

    It is 90 bucks and I'm gonna get it partially for the guild goodies because I am the leader and we like goodies, lol... it will be nice to get my guild set up and all that before anyone else is playing.

    The guild is Disturbed and we are starting on a pvp server. Web site still in development but is looking real nice. We will be professional and organized (unlike so many guilds popping up). Email me at [email protected] if you are interested (yes this is a shameless plug)

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