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Attention any Corp. looking for a pilot.

pigionpigion Member Posts: 53

Well i will be starting EvE on monday (hopefully) and i am thinking about making a mimnitar pilot. My main areas of interests were smuggling, transport, and of course pvp. If you have a job, i dont care much what it is, i will get it done. But i was really looking for a corporation to help me out, and that i may serve better here in my time in eve. I herd corporations are way more fun than solo play. But here it is, this is what i plan on doing in eve. And if any mimnitar corp's are looking for a pilot to do just about anything, im your man. thanks.






  • fencer55fencer55 Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Universal Army (UARM) is a mature, well-established corporation living in low-security and 0.0 space.  We are a strict anti-pirate corporation and we also belong to an alliance.  Our main base is about 12 jumps from Rens, and we have another base in 0.0 for PvP.  We would be interested in you since you are 26 years old.  The fact that you are minmatar isn't really that important, we take all races, but have many minmatar pilots, myself included. 

    Usually, our policy is that any applicant needs 3 million skillpoints to join UARM, but that can be waved under certain cirucmstances.  I recommend that you join a newbie corp so that you are not alone, work on your learning skills and combat skills while running missions.  Convo me in game and I can explain a lot more about Universal Army and we can discuss whether you'd be a good fit in our corp or not.

    Contact Fencer Acrux (that's me, US recruiter) or Mattduk (EU recruiter) for more information and mention that you are responding to this post.

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