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14-Day Trial

beaverboy123beaverboy123 Member Posts: 85

Can someone give me the link for the 14-day trial?

Is the memory big?


  • Agricola1Agricola1 Member UncommonPosts: 4,977 you'll find it here. Not sure if it's big or not, but I do know it took me about an hour to download the full client. Depending on your connection it could be between 1 and 10 hours I suppose.

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  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    The file's around 555 MB.

  • beaverboy123beaverboy123 Member Posts: 85
    when i try to create an account it says i need a cd-key. do i need to get a trial cd-key off someone?
  • XXenXXen Member Posts: 88
    You can get the most trial offers outside of, just DL the Client there.
    On the mainpage of is occasionally an ad for 14-Day Trials,
    EVE-Files have Trials as well (ad on frontpage), beside having stored a lot of data around eve.

  • beaverboy123beaverboy123 Member Posts: 85
    can someone give me a trial key or give me a link where i can get it pls? i really want to try this game and may buy it in the future instead of WoW.
  • beaverboy123beaverboy123 Member Posts: 85
  • XdRaZXdRaZ Member Posts: 8
     i dont lke how the trial is limited. lol

  • pihlssitepihlssite Member CommonPosts: 213

    here is a link who "work"

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