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If the "free" trial is free, then why ask for my cc#?

BlacksmithBlacksmith Member Posts: 55

Anarchy online did'nt, so why should Shadowbane?

If it's free, then it's FREE. Period. Don't ask me for a cred card number if it's truely the case.

I never even played the game, I was that disgusted.

(oh and don't point out that other game do the same, just because others do it, still doesn't make it right. I'll go back to playing and supporting Anarchy Online now, at least they know what FREE really means...)



  • RaptorStormRaptorStorm Member Posts: 312

    Like most of us do (or don't rather), you didn't read the 'Terms of Agreement' in which it states that after the free period you begin to get charged for the game unless you cancel your subscription after the free period ends. It's not that they are trying to rip anyone off but based off smart advertising they know that you would be more apt to continue playing the game if you didn't have to resign up for it. If your CC just gets charged then you don't have to re decide if you want to play this game or not, if you would have to resign up you would have to go through the choice of should I or shouldn't I play this game again. They eliminate that possible choice... not saying I agree with it but it is clever and you are still getting something for free, so you're not exactly getting ripped off.

    Those are my views... seen through a broken glass.

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  • BlacksmithBlacksmith Member Posts: 55

    Same as Anachy Online but they go about it a different way. You set up a free account and it lets you play for 7 days right away, no CC# required.

    I just don't like the idea of a company saying something is "free" and asking for my Cred Card number. Sounds way too much like one of those telemarketing scams "hello, you've won a new car, we just need your Credit card number to verify something..."



  • Regal_TRRegal_TR Member Posts: 249
    Black, it is Free.. giving away your CC # doesn't make it not free.. your an idiot....your not being charged until after the free trial.. you can cancel at any time.. jeez.. just b/c your a little kiddie who cant make his own decisions doesnt mean its a stupid idea. If they give the free trial to people who 100% have CCs then there is more chance of retaining customers rather than kiddie losers leeching for free imo.

  • RaptorStormRaptorStorm Member Posts: 312


    Anyone that comes into a post with those kinds of statements, you might as well have not posted anything at all. Unless you heighten your intellect and have the ability to discuss a topic with out belittling others because YOU have the inability to see someone else's point of view, no one will take your posts seriously. With what Black is discussing you do get charged after the free period is up, unless you cancel any time after. So in order to keep it free you have to police it and be right on top of canceling your subscription immediately after your free period is over or you get charged. What about Blacksmith not liking that idea makes him a little kid or an idiot or unable to make his own decisions? No where in any of his posts does Blacksmith ever say that anything was a stupid idea, so now you're belittling him for words you are putting in his mouth.

    Well, thanks for your post and we hope to see you again soon. Some parting advice, in your post you typed "your an idiot" and "your a kiddie" ironically both statements use improper grammar and one has a misspelled word, perhaps "you're the idiot" and "you're the kiddy". Take care.

    Those are my views... seen through a broken glass.

    Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface.

  • CorvwynCorvwyn Member Posts: 8

    My thoughts exactly.

  • kingslayerkingslayer Staff WriterMember Posts: 91

    I applaud you Raptor.  There are way too many "Regals" on forums these days.  It amazes me that a person isn't allowed to state a simple idea, concern, or ask a question without some troll finding his/her way there to bash.  Anyway that is more energy than I would have liked to waste on that.

    I agree with Raptor on this subject.  It is a marketing strategy.  Companies have figured that if they make it more difficult to unsubscribe than to maintain an account that a large number of people will maintain their accounts due to being lazy.  The concept is mind boggling,  streamline signup for ease of use, requiring minimal effort from the customer and bog the customers attempt at cancellation by making him/her fill out surveys, writing essays about what they didn't like, click here, read this blah blah blah...


    its kinda funny actually 

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  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    Originally posted by Regal_TR
    Black, it is Free.. giving away your CC # doesn't make it not free.. your an idiot....

    ....... I had a lot of things to say about you Regal, but i was just too much of an adult to say them

    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • BlacksmithBlacksmith Member Posts: 55

    Thanks guys, I did'nt want to reply to him because it would be beneath me to do so.

    The main problem I have is that there are quite a number of games out there that give you 7 or 10 or 3 days for free, and THEN they ask for your CCN.

    The way shadowbane is doing it, you had better be on the ball or they'll ding you for at least a month's play.

    Though from what I'm told, I'm better off not playing. A very laggy game.


  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Member UncommonPosts: 2,662

    I agree I hate giving out any information for something that's suppose to be FREE.....

    Most of the time I just buy a game that I've had my eye on and taking the free month as something of a bonus for a game I've wanted anyway, but then 2 to 3 months down the line I end up having my fill of the next 'big' thing.

    Oh well, right now I'm having fill of FFXI until it starts to rub me the wrong way too....


    "Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

  • WotannWotann Member Posts: 294
    There is no such thing as a 'free' month. - You have paid for the copy of the game and therefor you have also paid for this so-called 'free' month. It's just an advertising trick to fool new customers... and unfortunately too many suckers fall for this type of trick image

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    Nemo sine vitio est

  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    Not true...  I downloaded the game and played for a free month...


  • WotannWotann Member Posts: 294
    Oh, I didn't know you could download the client now. Well, that makes a differance.

    Nemo sine vitio est

    Nemo sine vitio est

  • GundamitGundamit Member Posts: 268
    That 15 day trial there offering they can cram it up there arse. I dislike how they handle things.

    image image


  • TarthusTarthus Member Posts: 172

    I thought I was gonna have to delete an offensive post, but it seems like you guys handled it in a calm, non-offensive way.  I wish there were more members like you that weren't so quick to flame people.  Nicely done. 


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  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    Grrr now Tarth is beating me to the punches.... image


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  • JutsuJutsu Member Posts: 264
    THIS is ridiculous... why cant they just let u play the game for like... 7 days? and just let you play it then you create a account, subscribe, AND play thats what they can just do.... Im 16.. i want to try this game but the problem is i dont have a credit card.. my mom and dad recognizes the credit card thing a scheme to rip your head off and make you pay for the game.. So they can just shuv there goddamn CC# thing up there asses and shoot it out.



  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276

    Seems some folks dont understand business  lol.


    Like saying paying for the game and the free month included is a rip off. EH? How?

    Above needds to grow up and yer parents need to get a grip. You want them to give you 7 day free trial(ok) and then let you sub (ok) but not pay any  fee for the actual rights to the game? (uh) riiiigggghhhhhht.

    Ok like youve never paid same money for  a single player offline game? for xbox ps2 etc??


    Get a grip these guys can run servers and maintain updates and keep all the bandwidthe ,hardware etc running for nothing.


    The free trials on the net for various games require cc usually to identify you and/or over 18 (if needed) There are some that need no cc .Just use yer eyes and youll find them :)



    rofl the irony of folk moanin bout mmo prices etc on boards ha.

  • MadMardiganMadMardigan Member Posts: 5

    Lets use our brains once in a while people!

    These games require what to survive? Subscribers. These subscribers (in most cases) pay how? by CC. So for an MMORPG to hand out free server time and DL time they want what kind of guarentee the person trying it out will be able to stay, pay, and play? Hmmm..... how about..... a CC number! :-p

    That's why they ask prior, no sense in giving this stuff out if your some 12 year old without Dad's permission.

  • MuppetHeroMuppetHero Member Posts: 208
    I only know of one game that dose this with out a CC up front.. and that is AO... no idea why they do this.. maybe cus they are not from the US...I am currently doing the shadowbane Demo thing and find no problem with it whatso ever. the accounts page shows when the offer expires and even says it will remind me.. so as long as i cancle befor then i am good!

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  • crimsonbrucrimsonbru Member Posts: 15
    Ya im not a big fan of flaming but for the most part i agree with regal and the others haha.  I dont even need to repeat the points they made.  The original post angered me just for its sheer lack of intelligence.  All i am saying is that perhaps people should think logically about why things are done before they flame the policies of companies.  Oh and btw it is still very much free... unless you consider your hard work at entering the cc# a payment for their services.
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