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he gotta be kiddin?



  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378

    Originally posted by Amathe

    Vanguard may be physically big, but like SWG it will play small.

    Sorry friend but you just don't know that. Tell me upon release that it plays small and I'll listen.

  • scaramooshscaramoosh Member Posts: 3,424

    After SWG i just want gameplay tbh

    Don't click here...no2

  • unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37
    That isn't high res. Any person with half a brain (maybe) can see that by just looking at it. It probably takes a person who is playing beta right now to know that.

    The game looks alot better than that. Trust me.

  • NeuroXlNeuroXl Member Posts: 291
    looks like chit to be honest and to the point
  • JonathJCenJonathJCen Member UncommonPosts: 201

    The SCREENSHOTS themselves suck namely because the person who took them has no relative skills at taking desent screenshots, which half the time is exacly what causes people to judge things so quickly. Honostly the graphics themselves are nice, it has much more realistic looking facial features and skin tones than EQ2. The scenery of those screenshots is not the best, but the polygons all look sharp and befitting. Now, the combat animations, I'm not too sure of, but most games have totaly screwed those up, namely because people like to fight 50 feet away from their target. I personaly get to a realistic distance, then my fighting looks more realistic because I'm actualy making contact with the creature. Almost all MMO's have the issue with cheesy looking combat, even the oh so popular WoW.

    As far as combat realism and beauty goes however, my hat is off to Conan, check that game out if you're into blood, arrows sticking through body parts, and decapitation for the masses! However, I do love the concepts in this game, like the idea of having to worry about being attacked even on a flying mount and having your happy little elvish @$$ plumit to the groundimage

  • lordtwistedlordtwisted Member UncommonPosts: 570

    Originally posted by remyburke
    What the hell is that guy on the left kicking? (besides himself for beta testing this game that is)

     ahhh, another poor soul that didn't make beta?

    Not so nice guy!

  • ruegonruegon Member Posts: 63
    LOL Hope you guys like Wak-A-Mole, and if Your a SWG NGE fan this game is made for you HAHAHA.

    Do not mistake Indifference for Hate. Nor Kindness for Weakness. for this is the Bane of Judgment !

  • lordtwistedlordtwisted Member UncommonPosts: 570

    Originally posted by ruegon
    LOL Hope you guys like Wak-A-Mole, and if Your a SWG NGE fan this game is made for you HAHAHA.

     have you played this game?

    Not so nice guy!

  • DrSmaShDrSmaSh Member UncommonPosts: 454

    Originally posted by lordtwisted
    Originally posted by ruegon LOL Hope you guys like Wak-A-Mole, and if Your a SWG NGE fan this game is made for you HAHAHA.
    have you played this game?

    Yes he did! Just like all other bashers. They all played it. They know all! ::::08::

    Every time I read your post, I die a little inside...
  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378

    Originally posted by ruegon
    LOL Hope you guys like Wak-A-Mole, and if Your a SWG NGE fan this game is made for you HAHAHA.

    LOL Explain why HAHAHA.

  • SturmrabeSturmrabe Member Posts: 927

    Originally posted by Elikal

    First, those shots, like some others, are deserts or steppes. They are supposed to be bare.

    Have you ever been to a desert? They can grand sweeping places that can be both majestic and interesting... arid does not equal baren repetion of texture.


    A: the gameplay>graphics is an argument you make for why the classic games are still good and hold their own agaist the shiney new graphical games with crappy gameplay... its a sad sad argument for a new game that isn't even released yet...

    B: He might have played the game, I did, it sucked balls... point and snooze combat indeed... not quite "go afk" of EQ, but damn close...

    "You can't be in beta, you are breaking the NDA" Well guess what, I don't give a fuck, I played it for a while, then when I got bugged and got nothing but a canned form responces to my report I uninstalled the POS and have set out... they even sent me a new invite for another round of people... want it?

    The only people bitter about not getting into beta is YOU TWO living in fantasy land... I have taken Devs to task when i've had the chance, closing your eyes and sticking your head in the sand is even WORSE than the people who complain, cause if complaints are listened to and acted on (with a grain of salt) improvements and fixes can be made... brainless shuffling zombie fanboiism helps noone.

    Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood. -Nietzsche

  • scaramooshscaramoosh Member Posts: 3,424
    Plus maybe the game has to be bare and boring for player cities like SWG?

    Don't click here...no2

  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495
    Lets keep something straight here. The problem with plastic, very ugly gfxdesign in eq2 is well known. But the MAIN problem in EQ2 are the animations, they are a joke. You pull a mob, it spasticly contorts itself, turning 270 degrees in 2 frames and runs, doesnt matter what mobtype, uncontrolled, twitching and superfast towards you. Then, it suddenly stops, right in front of you, does nothing and then plays a variety of 1 to 3 different combatanimations and soundsamples. You do the same, end of story.
    When you cast, you whirl your hands an in an instant, the screen is filled with uncountable effects that blur every litte fraction of overview that couldve possibly evolved. When you attack with a sword it looks like bashing someone with a stick. You always use the assist function because theres hardly any moment where you can distinguish which mob is attacking which party member. Other games can be played by CLICKING on the enemies and actually changing formation beyond "Casters back, tanks front"... Take Guildwars or WoW as perfect examples of good animation/effect-rate

    Lets face it, EQ2 has fun gameplay character and groupwise, but animations are a mess and VERY far from stylish.

    If Vanguard makes the same mistake, and the screen here looks exactly like the chaos-fights in EQ2 do, the devteam is plain stupid...


  • wyzwunwyzwun Member Posts: 328

    The over excessive use of bmapping is just starting to show its ugly head here. The graphics look really REALLY bad when you consider the h/w those shots is probably taken on. I fail to see how this graphics engine is at all next gen, I’m sure they will work out the animations but Jesus, this game looks like a Everquest online adventures meets EQ2…


    No amount of hardware on the earth will fix poor graphic design. I people kicking air and watching numbers pop over a mobs head whose standing 10 feet away from you… thought this was over.


    To the people who come here and say graphics are not important, it is when it requires next gen h/w.


    The combat engine just looks more of the same, click macros and goto sleep. My attention to this game went else where after I first saw a number of vids … they should really keep quiet and work on this game, the only people who are going to say this game looks good is


    A)Blind people

    B)Brad McQuaid fan boys, because this goes beyond any ones love for EQ Classic. You people drank the cool aid.

    Rites of the Four Horsemen

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