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Would like some tips

FatamorganaFatamorgana Member Posts: 110

I'm very new with the game and would like some tips from people who has played it much

like to know atleast this things:

I don't really understand the guild system would like explanation about it

Are there anything else than grinding mobs?Quests?

And to the end the game doesn't seem very user friendly(for noobs like me) it really doesn't explain really much what to do.

Thanks for the ones who answer ::::08:: if there's gonna be atleast one::::15::
And maybe i should look the shadowbane official forum and stuff but i'd like to know the knowledge of people here ::::02::



  • GlaiveeGlaivee Member Posts: 13

    Nope, it doesn't have any quests or such. Basically, you wanna get past the PvE part of the game as fast as possible (when you know how, and have the means, you can achieve the max level in a few days). The game is about PvP, either solo or between guilds/nations.

    Guilds are just a community. In Shadowbane, you can think of them kind of as a country. Everyone who is in a guild shares a guild crest that is displayed over their head. Guilds can own cities, and even realms. If a guild owns a realm, they can tax other guilds' cities inside that realm.

    The game is all about wanting to defeat/crush your enemies. If you don't like someone, bane them (place a bane stone near their city and siege it when the bane stone goes active (a few days later))! Your actions will affect the world and you being in the best guild on the server is more than just a title over your head. Being the best means that everyone else on the server is below your guild, and you will be feared, because people have a reason to fear.

    This game is far from perfect, but I play it because it is the best thing out there. Here are some tips I posted in another thread:

    And just some tips to make your SB experience more pleasurable:

    - Research your class: Go to the SB website ( or, more specifically, and forums and find info about the class you want to make.

    - Join a nation/guild when you get off newbie island (level 22 or so): Go to your server's enlistment boards (again, found on and find a guild!!!

    - Don't give up:  Make sure you try this game out throughly! Don't get frustrated by the tedious PvE grind (even though it is VERY fast if you know what to do. For example, I can reach level 75, the max level, in 2 days if I want). The REAL part of the game starts when you start doing Mines and Sieges/Banes with your guild! The first time I went to a bane I had an immense adrenaline rush! It was surreal!

    - Have fun!


  • FatamorganaFatamorgana Member Posts: 110

    Thanks a lot for you ::::08:: i just look over the links to you posted and play more to get over the grinding :)
    And i look forward for the sieges and such if i get there :D


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