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I'm an old player

karmukarmu Member Posts: 13

I played this awhile back and decided to stop playing (for whatever reason...maybe just got bored).

now that it's free, I kind of feel like trying it out again, but it would be kind of annoying for me to start off at level 1 instead of my 5 60+ characters.  Do they let you have your old characters back if you've stopped playing for awhile? 


  • jdkskipjdkskip Member UncommonPosts: 120

    Yes, as long as they are on a server that is still live and your account hasn't been lost. Also, depending on how long ago you played and what server you were on, you may be able to migrate them to live server. But for most part, you should be able to.

  • MadodeMadode Member Posts: 58

    I too just returned after a 2+ year hiatus.  All of my characters from the WAR server were still stored on their db.  It just listed the Server as "down".  I was able to migrate my characters to one of two other servers.  Both listed low populations, but there were a goodly number of people running around.  And the current playerbase seems very receptive to returnee's.  So you shouldn't ahve any issue hooking up with a decent guild.

    I'd recommend returning if you are feeling the nostalgic urge, similar to mine.  While the graphics aren't great, there is just something about he PvP that no other game could match.  Maybe it was the open aspect to it.  Always needing to be aware of who was coming, and to make sure I consistently used my BH Rune powers, so I didn't lose all my gold to some thief.


  • phanatxphanatx Member UncommonPosts: 41
    I, too, am thinking about coming back for a bit. I, also, played on the War server, as part of The Purity Council. Some of you might remember the name Melana.. that was me.

  • jcrimijcrimi Member Posts: 1

    I remember The Purity Council quite well as we were allied with them when I played.  I was in DHL back in the day and had a great time.  I'm not good at remembering names but I will never forget the guild leader, Gobra.

    I really wish someone would create a Shadowbane II.

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