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pros and cons between

bedolla3401bedolla3401 Highland, ILMember Posts: 293
i would like to know the pros and cons between EQ1 and FFX 11


  • TelakiTelaki Platte, MOMember Posts: 361
    It'll be hard to find that here, Try going to a bigger forum like ffxi.allakahazm or Killing Ifrit.

    I don't know anyone in FFXI who's played EQ1, (A few for EQ2). So the chance of finding somone on ~>These<~ forums is pretty none existant. Only people who post here are new, or a handful of people like myself who post information to try and get new players to join.

  • Cyris_LordCyris_Lord Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 101
    It's been a while since i even ever thought about playing EQ. I did play at one time, but its been so long that I've forgotten what the differences are.

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  • ModicaModica Clive, IAMember Posts: 3
    The key difference between FFXI and EQ1 is that in Everquest, the majority of the playerbase is max level already. And since there is no system of changing jobs, like in FFXI, the low levels are very lonely, and you'll pretty much be stuck playing catchup. The market is also hard to get a foothold in by yourself, since everything is so pre-established. Basically, you're going into one of the oldest games on the market, as an entirely new player, so you'd just have to deal with that.

    There is the Progression server, which was essentially a server that started at the initial release of the game and had its expansions unlocked as the players progressed. I don't know how the server progressed, but for the short time that I was playing on it, it was a fun time.

  • TelakiTelaki Platte, MOMember Posts: 361
    Modica, While your information is appriciated. The OP's post is over 3 weeks old, And he hasn't replied to any post since. So I think theres a pretty strong chance that he's not comming back and your efforts were a waste.

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