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item shop

This game runs off of online item shops.

I was wondering does anyone have a list of the items they sell?


  • flamerUAEflamerUAE Member Posts: 5
    here u go

    *Cannot be sold to NPC

    *Cannot be dropped
    *Can be sold in stalls/personal shops


    Name | Price | Explanation |

    Red potion | 420 | Recover health 400,000

    Blue Potion | 450 | Recover Mana 300,000

    Blazing Potion | 550 | Increase attack power by 10% for one hour ( Not
    possible to stack with Doctor support skill "Raging Class")

    Harden Potion | 550 | Increase defense power by 10% for one hour (
    Not possible to stavk with Doctor support skill "Defense support"

    Lucky Potion | 690 | Increase 20% luck in synthesis upgrading

    Speaker Box(10) | 320 | Global Message across entire channel.

    Mind Point(10) | 320 | Teleport to saved locations

    Fire spirit of protection(10) | 550 | Increase all armor grade +1 for one hour

    Fire Spirit of arms(10) | 550 | Increase weapon grade +2 for one hour

    Moon Spirit wish | 750 | Gain back five skill points

    Giftwish | 380 | choose one weapon to add rarity.

    Maxi Pill(1) | 390 | Maximum Health Increased by 300 for one hour ( only can use 6 times in 24 hours )

    Dressing Items

    Hair dye | 220 | dye for hair color change

    Renron remake | 190 | changes men clothes to women clothes or Women clothes to men Clothes

    Bathing Suits | 1950(all) | can wear bathing suits or casual clothing

    i am not sure if there is more cuz i got it from another forum

  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    Cool thnx, T-T i just wish hair dye wasnt a pay item 

  • AkunaiAkunai Member Posts: 138
    How important are the potions to PvP?  I've never played this kind of free/item shop game, so I was just wondering if the norm at higher lvls would be to buy items for pvping.
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    hmm i dunno, i assume you dont need the best potions.

    i watched several pvp battles on youtube and it looked team orriented so i would think as long as u had a good team together potions wouldnt be all that important

    they would most likely be better for high levels when soloing

  • flamerUAEflamerUAE Member Posts: 5

    dont worry all the cash items wont effect that much in PVP because they are too weak,they work mostly in fighting monsters and i heared that cash shop items cant work in PVP and guildwars and like that,so be happy
  • kaltamkaltam Member Posts: 66
    Good to know

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