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That's it for MMORPGs, bring on the next genre



  • TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 8,572

    Originally posted by Shayde
    Fully tactile Virtual reality porn. Invest now.

    Second Life?

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  • jrscottjrscott Member Posts: 1,252

    Originally posted by kanezfan

    The point though, is that WoW will not go down in flames unless they pull an SOE. And it'll be a while before people are ored to tears in WoW. The people that play WoW didn't want a pre-CU game, otherwise we'd be playing it right now. WoW is successful because it is linear, because it lays out a clear path for you to follow. People don't want to think, people don't want to use their imagination, people want to watch TV and read books with pictures in them. You have to stop believing that there will be a wildly successful (WoW standards) sandbox MMO.

    Ok, I think you've responded to my post without really understanding what I meant.  Probably due to the fact it is difficult to read voice inflections that lend better meaning to the spoken version.

    I am not saying everybody that plays WoW currently is bored.  I did imply however that they WILL get bored.  And without a sandbox to create their own content this means they WILL move on, be it through quitting MMOs altogether or finding another one.

    You are absolutely right that the people that play WoW do not necessarily CURRENTLY like the pre-CU SWG style sandbox game.  What I am saying is that they WILL get bored, it is inevitable.  And games like WoW do not have machinery in place to allow a player to create his own content.  People will leave WoW and others will be born, grow old enough to play and replace them.  WoW will continue to grow.

    I'm not saying WoW will ever die.  I am saying people that play WoW will for the most part EVENTUALLY tire of it.  And their taste for games will either disappear or change.  Has it ever occurred to anybody (not singling you out kanezfan) that SWG Pre-CU was a game model that was ahead of its time?

    And my last counterpoint:  I don't think a REAL MMORPG can be as successful as WoW for precisely the reasons you state.  But then again I don't consider WoW a true MMORPG.  Like you said, "WoW works so well because it's basically a single player legend of zelda that you play with other people."  You are so right.  This makes it a Massive Multiplayer Online Single Playerlike Game With Minor Role Playing Elements Mixed With Single Player Hack And Slash Game (MMOSPGWMRPEMWSPHASG).  And it's a very good one!  So here is the answer to Rekrul - We already have the next genre and WoW is it.  As for me I'll prefer to live in the past.

    I realize I said I quit. I never said it was forever :)

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