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  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304

    You can pretty much post anything between 1AM and 8AM on the forums.  There are no mods at that time.

    Indeed, when these forum nuclear meltdowns happen that is when they are the most fun to read.

  • ShaydeShayde Member Posts: 4,529
    For Posterity.. since they'll delete it in a nanosecond once they wake up.

    According to TH....i can post something as long as it is constructive and not flame bait.

    This is not a rollback or PRE CU FTW post.....this is in all honesty my opnion on what would really help this game.

    2+ classic servers
    it doesnt need to be developed or moderated.
    DO NOT DEVOTE A DEV TEAM TO IT. This will not hamper production of the
    NGE in any way. Just gives those disgruntled classic SWG vets a place
    to be themselves.
    Most of us dont care if it gets updated, or fixed, just leave the
    players be. Only finanical input on SOE's part would have to be the
    servers and bandwidth. If exploits are found...then its as is. Let the playerbase govern themselves.
    Make a couple of players GM's to solve tickets and run player events. THATS IT.
    Leave the server at either one publish before the CU or one prior to the NGE.

    This will do many things. Some benefits would be:

    Clean up the forums of people you consider "trolling"

    increase income

    make both sides of the playerbase happy.

    Not only now will you have appeased the vocal minority, but at the same
    time increase developemnt of the NGE due to less "clutter" on your
    reintroduce lost professions and hybridization and create much good publicity amongst your older players.

    And the playerbase will be happy to play both versions.

    Good point and well said.

    Shayde - SWG (dead)
    Proud member of the Cabal.

    It sounds great, so great in fact, I pitty those who canceled :( - Some deluded SWG fanboi who pities me.
    I don't like it when you say things. - A Vanguard fan who does too.

  • BrentmeisterBrentmeister Member Posts: 79
    Come now, the fact that it is A GOOD POINT means automatic rejection and permaban for the author, who is probably just a Poster Who Plays (doncha know). I really would like to see SWG taken over by good ole David Brent, sure would be a whole lot more entertaining anyways.

    There's free love on the Freelove Freeway.

  • viadiviadi Member Posts: 816

    I'd love to know the real reason for not doing classic servers it would take ALL the speculation out of things and close the debate once and for all

    but id rather have some classic servers BTW and not an shitty reason why they wont give them to us (just for the record)

    Tin Foil hats dont work.. its all a conspiracy

  • iskareotiskareot Member Posts: 2,143

    I have posted some nasty ones perse..

    I have had dialog again with Devs in PMs like before I quit--- but they are sometimes not so happy and jolly.

    I ripped Chris Chao in a PM and I am curious to see if he replies back.  

    I rather these guys grab thier balls, step up and be honest vs this crap dance.

    I got in trouble for one but not the other comment I made.

    lol 50/50

    I usually picture the Career builder commercial with the room full of monkeys and upside down sales chart when thinking about the SOE/SWG decision making process.....
    SOE's John Blakely and Todd Fiala issued a warning: "Don't make our mistakes." Ref NGE
    Winner of the worst MMOS goes to.... the NGE and SWG..!!!

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