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The day everyone went psycho



  • Wildcat84Wildcat84 Member Posts: 2,304

    Originally posted by KzinKiller
    The reason I don't read anything else into Cao's statement is ....

    Ok, he did something dumb and rather pointless to the detriment of the game.

    And ... what's the new part here, again?

    Well, wasn't the NGE basically that?

    Dumb and rather pointless?

  • AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,809

    Well I dunno.. I got a EQ2 station access account I don't really play.  My GF wants me to keep it active.

    So I cruised over to his post and reported it to the moderators as trolling.

    I figure swgmod001 or whatever their name is may not pay attention and like ban Cao from the forum.. that would be fun.

    I did hardcopy it.. I mean seriously I think devs posting crap like that needs to be brought to shareholder meetings.  People were asking in Tokyo why their stocks they paid $120 a share for were only worth $40.

    If this is how their "people with a voice" treat customers as part of Sony Standard operating procedure.. its no doubt part of why they are losing money everywhere.

    Kinda sad...  I mean even without debate over classic/nge etc..

    They are trying to sell you an optional service.  One called entertainment.  There is no real reason for any of us to give them money.  They try to sell the service to us so they make a profit.. retain a job make happy investors.

    I don't really see where crapping on your customers or potential customers:

    1) is professional

    2) is likely to gain new sales


    3) is a viable way to retain a player/customer base.

    Even if they don't like what people have to say.  If they had retained more players than they lost with the NGE.  Then they would have a point that those who didn't like it were "wrong".

    Since they did not and not only refuse to listen but also insult us... They need to be replaced.  I don't seriously see how if the bulk of investors knew this was how employees were allowed to act.. That they would not do a vote of no confidence to try and get some management people with a clue.. instead of watching their investment sink further into the crap hole.

    Sorry but this is just nuts.

    I can't believe any company that isn't selling a mandatory item (like gas) .. is treating or allowing employees to treat customers like this.

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